nostromo jacket

  1. ArtooThreepio12

    Nostromo Flight Jacket, on a Shoestring Budget.

    One of the best things I like about Alien (1979) is the wardrobe. The choices that were made by Tiny Nicholls in the Costume & Wardrobe Dept. (based on the designs of John Mollo and Ron Cobb) fit right in with the well-used interiors of the old commercial towing vehicle. A project came to mind...
  2. lono68

    Bits and Bobs for Nostromo Jacket

    After many years and many pounds lost, I’m able to fit into a MK-3 jacket that I purchased and I’m ready to turn it into a “Dallas” jacket. But….I need some help. I’m looking to purchase the items need to do so, like the compression laces for the arms and the panels on the front of the jacket...