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  1. Jake Kassnoff

    Cowboy Bebop Disruptor

    Using eva foam:
  2. p0rtalman

    Cowboy Bebop Spike Spiegels Jericho .941 build

    Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I've posted anything on The RPF but its great to be back. Since I last did anything more than lurk here I've acquired a few years working on some pretty amazing projects within the film industry - its been super fun to watch some of you recreate things...
  3. Scapey

    Laser-engraved "Squid Game" invitation cards

    I thought these were a really cool design in the show, but wanted something a little bit more sturdy than just business cards; so I busted out some 1.5mm ply, and fired up the ol' laser engraver! Came out pretty well, I think! :) Anyone want to play a game?
  4. Iskelderon

    Lupin - Netflix series

    Anyone else on here a fan of this show? It's now in its second season and one of the rare cases where a streaming series actually gets better. . Sometimes it's hard to believe that that badass is the same actor as this lovable goofball: BTW: Thanks to this tweet from the star himself, we...
  5. Sandman0077

    Golden Time Travel Sphere from 'Dark' [First Full Print Done; UPDATED 11/AUG/2020]

    I'm back! I feel like I drop in and out far too often. Current project is this awesome piece of gadgetry from the AMAZING Netflix show, "Dark." This is also my first project since going from Rhino to Fusion 360, so it's going fairly slow, but that's okay; I'm learning a ton! HERE is the...
  6. SadNarwhal

    Hector's Hammer from the Netflix Castlevania Series

    When I was watching the Netflix Castlevania series, I thought that it would be cool to make Hector's hammer. I designed everything in Fusion 360, 3D printed the pieces, and hand painted the whole thing with craft acrylics. I have a few links below to an album of pictures and an article I wrote...
  7. QuinnPrime

    Azumi’s Mug from Netflix’s Maniac

    I searched pretty extensively here, and haven’t seen any results, so thought I would ask for help. I’m trying to identify the font used on Azumi’s mug in Netflix’s Maniac, that reads, “I can read your mind and you should be ashamed of yourself”. It’s not a complicated or particularly esoteric...
  8. damienjameswebb

    Bluth's Banana Stand from Arrested Development

    See more at

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