1. Soulinertia

    Soulinertia's Custom Builds - Nerf Mods, Prop Weapons, etc. (Mad WIP pics inside!)

    Thought I'd start off a new thread with some of my custom builds. This will be mostly sci-fi weapons built off of modded Nerf guns and/or airsoft parts. My first one here is a modded Raptorstrike. The stock gun looks like this: It's just begging for a barrel. So the first thing I did was...
  2. PlanetAlexander

    Firing Halo CE Magnum Replica

    Aloha! Now that I've got some new tools (mainly a scroll saw), I've decided that I'm finally gonna start my Halo: Combat Evolved Magnum prop. However, I picked up a cheap Nerf Firestrike Elite gun a while ago, so now I plan on making a prop that can actually fire. Here is an outline I traced...
  3. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion

  4. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion

  5. Nerf Gun Conversion

    Nerf Gun Conversion

  6. Draago

    My Firsr Plasma Cannon Made Fron Nerf Parts

    This is my first plasma cannon i got the cpurage to take some items i thought would go good together. Thhis was made from parts from the nerf longshot the bottom peices are the stand or legs on the l8ngshot. The top part is from the extended barrel. The barrel is fr8m an old rescue heros plane...