1. OldBenKNBI

    Ahsoka's "Fulcrum" Blades build

    Hey everyone This is my very first post so please be nice haha. I have been asked by a friend to make the Ahsoka Fulcrum (Rebels/Mandalorian) Blades so wanted to share the process and my ideas so far with you. Hope you like Designs were made on fusion 360, based on references from the...
  2. GraflexSaber

    Metal Master Origin Graflex Lightsaber

    This is my latest Graflex lightsaber with my new Metal Master Origin chassis. This chassis is the Metal Master version of the first original Graflex chassis I created in 2016/2017. The new version is made from 3D printed brass and plastic parts, CNC machined aluminum parts and laser cut steal...
  3. onderon

    Done ShtokCostumeWorx Neopixel Connectors

    Hi, Does anyone have some Shtok's Neopixel Connectors for sale? Preferably in Europe since US deliveries to EU are very uncertain nowadays. I would like to buy 2 pairs of hilt & blade side connectors (one hilt side with leds) with short pins. Thanks