1. SwedishChef

    La La Land Sign

    A friend of mine had a La La Land themed wedding reception, so I made a replica of the neon sign seen at the end of the movie when Sebastian has his own jazz club. Thing is, mine is not neon, it’s all hand-cut foamboard! I printed a template and used an X-acto knife to cut it. The lighting at...
  2. mugatu

    HIC Hero Panel VALVO Display Research/Theory

    Just starting this off for Fusion and feide so as to not clog up and hijack kurtyboy‘s awesome HIC Panel thread: My Han in Carbonite panel upgrades 23 Nov 2013 Here are the Valvo/(later)Philips ZM-1500 Series diagrams I have previously collected: ZM-1500 SERIES Gas Displays ZM-1550...