1. MenacingSoul13

    Want to Buy Van Helsing Blood Amulet

    Looking for a replica of The Amulet of The Dark One's Blood from the show Van Helsing
  2. T

    Austin Powers 'Lucky Charms' Bracelet

    I cannot seem to find the Original (or even a Replica) "Lucky Charms" bracelet from the first Austin Powers. I would be very intrested in it/one if I could just find it. If anyone knows where I could get/find one, or can point me in the right direction, or has any helpful information at all.. it...
  3. airhead

    Star Trek II - Khan's Necklace

    With a Star Trek exhibit in town for a couple of months (Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds | The Children's Museum of Indianapolis) , I was inspired to build a replica of Khan Noonian Singh’s necklace from “The Wrath of Khan”. I always liked this prop as it symbolized Khan’s hatred of Kirk for...