1. webbox100

    New kids series inspired by Thunderbirds and the Muppets

    I guess you could say we made this as a love-letter to makers and making. Over the past four years and with the help of an amazing crew, my wife Lindsay and I created a new kids series for Canadian broadcaster TVOkids, brought to life with puppets and model miniature effects. It stars...
  2. georgecosplay

    The Great Gonzo - Replica, Suit, Chilli Pepper Shirt, and Tie

    Hello folks, It's that time again where I embark on an ambitious Muppet replica, this time however it'll be a little different, as the Replica is only part of what I am hoping to achieve. Instead, I will be making and dressing my favourite Muppet of all time: The Great Gonzo. I'm hoping to...
  3. T

    Want to Buy Kermit the Frog puppet

    Hi, I'm brand new on the RPF and super interested in a Kermit photo puppet. I would still be interested in a normal hand puppet but I have lots of problems with paralysis so using a hand puppet is impossible. Based in the UK so the closer the better. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated...
  4. georgecosplay

    Kermit the Frog Replica

    Hello folks, I’ll be commencing a Kermit the Frog build since we’re all stuck indoors and I need something to work on, undecided which Kermit to go for, any input would be appreciated, as would any advice as I‘ve not begun yet. You can notice the slight differences to Kermit as the years have...
  5. Femme Mad Hatter

    Femme Mad Hatter

    2012 Mad Hatter costume Thread: