My Lightsaber Display Wall

    Many years in the making, but here is my little SW corner of my man cave. Shout out to Roman for the killer Vader V1 and Obi-Wan I got today.
  2. TheRealLinzer

    MPP authenticity check

    Hey everybody, I wanted to ask for some expert opinion whether you think this MPP Flash could be real or not. I‘ve been browsing and comparing the big MPP-Threads here for hours and although I can‘t find any obvious red flags, the nameplate looks off to me (I think it doesn‘t fit properly and...
  3. Praetor

    Vader ANH - MPP Lightsaber - Screws!

    Hi all, I’ve checked the guide and done a bunch of searches, but I cannot find a clear answer: Can anyone tell me the specification of the small screws that hold the button section mount in place and that sit under the shroud either side? These look the same (button, flat head screws) but I’m...
  4. IronDestinyProps

    Want to Buy WannaWanga Steel MPP Shroud Original Run

    Do you have a spare or are you interested in selling a WannaWanga steel MPP shroud from Roy's original run? If so, hit me up, and many thanks! (Photos courtesy of Roy Gilsing).
  5. IronDestinyProps

    Done FOUND: Vintage Heiland Multi-Socket Flash Extension

    Do any of you fine folks have one of these for sale? Many thanks! (Image credit unknown):
  6. IronDestinyProps

    Done Found: Exactra 19 or 20 Calculator with Bluish PCB

    It is not mandatory for the bubble strip to be intact as long as the bluish PCB is present. Hit me up if you have one. Much obliged!
  7. mugatu


    Hello. I am looking for a real MPP. Preferably with the large B Port. Preferably with the Black Side Bars. Not too much to ask for, eh? Let me know what you got and how much you need. Thanks!
  8. Darth_Saber_-_Darth_Vader_ESB


    Member Darth Saber's lightsaber blueprint. (I think this should be here permanently because people ask for Vader saber blueprints now and then)