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    Oscar Award Replica

    Acquired this in a recent trade. I have no use for it. Was told that it's the closest you'll get to the real thing. Made of a bronze zinc alloy, weighs 7 POUNDS and stands 13.5 inches high (same height as the original). VERY IMPRESSIVE! Looks even better in person. Comes with a black, luxury...
  2. HariboHeron

    Loki mask "accurate" replica search

    Hello all, I'm new to the RPF (literally joined today) but i'm obsessed with the prop of the Loki Mask from the 1997 movie "The Mask" starring Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz. I have collected many replicas over the years from the likes of Ebay, Etsy, Reelart and most recently Instagram. The prop...
  3. Silesky

    Harold the Scarecrow from Scary Stories to tell in the Dark

    Hello I'm part of "The Weekend Monsters" a group of artists who banded together and formed an atelier to practice our passions and realize projects and makeups, we do not make our living out of this, but it's what we love to do so we do it on weekends (hence the name), last year we were lucky...
  4. wolfassassin

    AvP fan discord

    I used to use "Predatorium" when I was younger and I was a little bummed to not see the forums as active after the merge. I've recently been rediscovering my love for the series and thought a less official place to communicate could be fun. I haven't been able to find a place to discuss one of...
  5. RevChumley

    Skeksis Emperor SkekSo costume (Dark Crystal AOR) WIP

    Trying to get a head start on DragonCon this year so I've been working on converting SkekSo into a wearable costume while keeping it as original as I can. Difficult when the original is a puppet. The Story So Far: Blocking out on the head form: Little more refinement, probably around 12...
  6. The Old Maker

    Cigarette Packs

    Hi people . i am interested in boxes and its a hobby for me to make stuff . so i was searching the Instructables and saw a post about making a lucky strike cigarette pack and everything started there . i have made these. (i have like near 400 cigarette pack scans) p.s : there as 2 rare packs...
  7. reatsomeyon

    30 minutes or less teddy bear prop

    Hello. I was recently watching 30 minutes or less and i am searching for teddy bear or similar teddy bear.Do you have any ideas where i can buy similar teddy? Thanks for helping. (photo and teddy bear photo attached to this thread are not mine).
  8. reatsomeyon

    Breaking bad guzzler cup

    Hello.I'm Breaking bad fan and i wanted to make Combo guzzler cup,but i don't have sticker.Where i can find it?
  9. RevChumley

    Completed life size Maximilian from The Black Hole

    Disney's The Black Hole is one of my favorite childhood movies, I had always wanted to build Maximilian, but just never got around to it. Last year I finally just said screw it, I'm building him. I did him out of foam, with a remote controlled head and death blade.
  10. RevChumley

    Aughra from The Dark Crystal sculpt and silicone mask (now with finished pics)

    ***EDIT*** Couple of Finished pics up top so you dont have to scroll to the end. ****EDIT**** back to your regularly scheduled WIP thread ** DragonCon is coming up, so time to get started on this years project. My girlfriend requested I do the sculpt for her Aughra costume. So it has...
  11. MymlanOhlin

    What would be inside Harry Potter's trunk?

    I'm a graphic designer and have been working on some trunk interiors for some of the Harry Potter kids. This means I've been sitting just thinking about what each character would have in their trunk. A Chudley Cannons poster in Ron's is a given, as is a stack of the Quibbler in Luna's...
  12. MymlanOhlin

    Prop maker introduction

    Hello all! I'm an amateur prop master in training, specializing in graphic recreations of printed props. My content is quite all over the place, with some of my more notable projects being Nuka Cola custom bottles from video game franchise Fallout, sculpted Skeleton Bottles (2nd place winner...
  13. The Dwarf Guard Portrait

    The Dwarf Guard Portrait

    Made by me Qyosuke Photo Studio Zahora Done during FotoCon page:
  14. The Dwarf Guard

    The Dwarf Guard

    Made by me Qyosuke Photo Studio Zahora Done during FotoCon page:
  15. D9


    Movie still
  16. Movie Style Brit-Cit Judge

    Movie Style Brit-Cit Judge

    My concept for the contest was to adapt the comic book design of the Brit-Cit Judge's helmet, so it works in the world that 'Dredd 3D' established. I approached the design and build as if it was pre-production work for a much hoped-for sequel. For this design, I tried to retain as much of...
  17. Mystique


    My movie-version Mystique costume! You can view the build thread here:
  18. Mark V Helmet Movie vs SDCC Differences

    Mark V Helmet Movie vs SDCC Differences

    Ok, something bothered me about the SDCC photos of the Mark V helmet. It just didn't look right and when I pulled up reference of the helmet in the movie (yes it's a CGI model) there's massive glaring differences. God knows what changes were made to the suit as well.

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