movie props

  1. DaBuild

    Jumanji Board Replica Prop

    Hello Guys, I'm fairly new in the RPF community. I just wanted to shared my latest build with you guys. It took me something like 120 hours of work over 3 months. Check out the full making of on Youtube here: Thanks :)
  2. reatsomeyon

    Breaking bad guzzler cup

    Hello.I'm Breaking bad fan and i wanted to make Combo guzzler cup,but i don't have sticker.Where i can find it?
  3. Moviefreak

    Collection of Heritage Auction catalogs and mags FOR SALE

    Here is a collection of Heritage Auctions catalogs and magazines. Two magazines are about collecting and then the rest are auction catalogs from the movie and music auctions. These are a great source of images and notes on the items. Great for your reference library. Asking $20 plus shipping to...