movie prop collectors

  1. Rebelproof

    DUNE Fremen & Harkonnen Terpel Guns - LJN Toys - very rare!

    Hi Dune - the Spice must flow! Here I am selling the 2 very hard to find items by LJN Toys: (1984) -Fremen Terpel Gun -Harkonnen Blaster Mint condition, great for every Dune fan, Collector etc. (Boxes not included - thats why the fare is really cheap - compared to other selling platforms)...
  2. MoviePropCollector

    Transformers Franchise Online Auction Feb 28th

    Those interested in the Transformer's film franchise can still register for Profiles In History Transformers online auction being held February 28th. There are over 260 lots and everytihng starts at only $100! All lots start at $100 and there are many cool electronic props, weapons, and...