1. Kekkuda

    Sealing PAX Paint on a Latex Mask?

    Hey, so I'm short on time and currently my only option to paint a latex mask is to use pax paint. I haven't seen anyone mention how to seal it though, other than to apply cornstarch/baby powder to the outside in a similar fashion to how you would powder the inside after a casting. What I'm...
  2. MandalorianNeo

    Kaiju- Godzillaverse

    I am making this thread in hopes that everyone can share their collective knowledge on Kaiju related props and costumes DIY and how to are encouraged, my current build is Sean Sumgaysay Millennium Mecha-Godzilla, but i am having trouble as to where to start its a massive undertaking. I wanted to...
  3. elvismay

    Audrey 2 - Little Shop of Horrors - Replica

    I had the head (based on detailed photos of the original head mold from the film) , neck, and three leaves sculpted and base painted from an artist in the Netherlands. I did detail painting, added the various leaves and petals, original maxwell house can, and mixed a hardening craft soil out of...
  4. Monsters Inc. - Sulley and Boo

    Monsters Inc. - Sulley and Boo

    These are the Sulley and Boo Monsters Inc. costumes I made for me and my wife. Sulley is almost 7.5' tall and can blink! build info can be found here