1. RevChumley

    Skeksis Emperor SkekSo costume (Dark Crystal AOR) WIP

    Trying to get a head start on DragonCon this year so I've been working on converting SkekSo into a wearable costume while keeping it as original as I can. Difficult when the original is a puppet. The Story So Far: Blocking out on the head form: Little more refinement, probably around 12...
  2. J

    Do I need a plaster sealer for casting in an UltraCal 30 mold?

    Hello guys, I want to create an UltraCal 30 mold on an Monsterclay model. After that I want to put silicone in there, but I saw in an YouTube video, that you have to put a sealer (mold soap plaster sealer, the link is below) on the walls in the inside of the plaster-mold before starting filling...
  3. SwedePredator

    Been collecting materials for over three years

    And I think I am finally able to start my costumebuild. It has taken a lot of patience as I am working fulltime from six in the morning to three in the afteroon. Am still unsure if I should collect more as i want badly to get my suit ready before summer begins. I could start with either suit or...