1. WTCreations

    3D Printed Safi'Jiiva Helmet from Monster Hunter World Iceborne

    Here we go, my first RPF thread. Howdy everybody! I'm a 3d Print Designer, Prop Maker, and Costumer; and I have a personal project going. The helmet of a fantastical set of armor from Monster Hunter World Iceborne. The Awakened Safi'Jiiva Helmet Alpha. I love this armor set so much! Wanted...
  2. J

    Help identifying Big Bang Theory monster head

    I am hoping someone can help me. In Big Bang Theory's Capitol Comics store there is a axolotl like dragon head above the door. Does anyone know what it is or where it's from? It can be seen in the episodes The Occupation Recalibration and The Hook-up Reverberation.
  3. george bonilla

    Frankenstein Machine Build

    Hello friends, I am building a prop machine for a show called "Frankenstories". I want the machine to be very reminiscent of the original lab equipment in Frankenstein. I have already collected several machines for old dials and switches. Th one thing (so far) that baffles me is the large...
  4. TheCopperhead

    Stop Motion Cyclops Creature Puppet

    Almost finished this 1/6 scale stop motion Cyclops puppet for a personal short film project. Fully articulated with a ball and socket armature (from Malvern Armatures) and cast in expanding polyurethane foam with an outer latex skin from a sculpture moulded in plaster. Details like the horns and...
  5. darkartsjfx

    Critters prop (crite)

    Critters Hi everyone new to posting on here but been wanting to for a while ..anyway I finaly got round to making a critter prop it's almost complete I'll keep you guys updated and hopefully I'll have some compleated props halfway through the next week they will be available on eBay if anyone...
  6. Operetta