1. X

    Are there cheaper alternatives to Smooth On products?

    Hey all, so a while back I posted progress on making a 3d model of the shock baton from ghost in the shell, however I did get a little stuck on it, and I also realized that for what I want to do, it would be a lot of work to clean up the print lines, and it also would probably feel quite...
  2. Carolco1

    PREDATOR 1987 P1 Bio Helmet/Mask most accurate Molds

    Hi Someone can tell me wich version is the most screen accurate one for the P1 Bio & where to acquire one ? I know There have been several brilliant sculpts over the years but want to be updated today in 2018 I talk about a P1 bio base kit , Raw Unpainted Mold only... & wich cost i should...
  3. XilianX2010

    Dread Bead Molding Issue

    So this was my first try at molding a dread bead (and also my first time working with silicone). I just made one to experiment and see how it would go. I constructed a cardboard box, sealed shut with hot glue. I place a piece of clay in the bottom to keep the bead from sliding or moving. I...