1. T

    Not costume related but hope you can help

    I am trying to cast a fire damaged cast done in plaster of Paris. It is of a baby's hand, the last keepsake my friend has of her son who passed two days later. I've cleaned the plaster using a white eraser and cotton swabs. Now I would like to make a mold of the hand and the base so that I...
  2. M

    Making a Mold of Nara Modeling Clay

    Hi everyone, I hadn't seen this mentioned before, but if it has, I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. I have made a sculpture with Nara modeling clay, and I am thinking of making a flexible mold of it. This clay tends to come in multi-color bars and is intended for...
  3. propsityourself

    Vytaflex 40 Question

    Hi guys ! First time posting and for a problem i have nonetheless x) By advance sorry if there is a special threads for help, i didn't find it ^^' But anyway ! I'm working on the second version of my Trauma Team cosplay from Cybverpunk 2077. The v1 got me in the cosplay contest final ! But...
  4. darkgreymatter

    Advice on making mold of a cube.

    Hello! First time posting. I want to make a mold of a 3D printed object to cast in pewter or bismuth. I'm using Smooth-On Mold Max 60 for the high heat. My object is basically a 1.25" cube with raised details. There are a few small undercuts. Here's my question. I'm obviously making a two-part...
  5. PlanetAlexander

    Using two different silicones for a two part mold

    I've recently tried making my first two part mold from C1200 silicone. Unfortunately there were quite a few problems (as would be expected for a first try). One of the sides didn't cast the detail quite right and even after attempting to fix it, it still doesn't work. I've got some Rebound 25...
  6. Scruff925

    Cold casting graphite

    Has anyone ever tried cold casting with graphite powder instead of the typical aluminum, nickel, etc? I have some that I’ve used as a metallic finish but I’m curious if it would work being mixed into the resin.
  7. haereticus

    Fugitive Predator Mask. Molding/painting

    Hello. The moment came when I decided to publish my work, maybe someone will be interested in it and he will want to order this or another mask from me. The manufacturing process began with a print on the 3D mask printer for my file. After printing, the post-processing took a long time. I...
  8. thepoynt

    Tips for making mold of complex prop

    Hello all! Thinking about making my first two-part mold (only past experience is with simple one-parters) and I'm looking for tips and advice from the hive mind for this particular prop. It's a model based on some gorgeous concept art of the Thorn handcannon from Destiny: I'd like to do a...
  9. AMirth

    Heatproof Moulding Material

    Hi all! Been mask making for a while but recently got into polymer clay and LOVING IT! The one issue I face is well... the face. When I used to make masks I’d pepakura my own files or model and print them using a CAD representation of my head. Not a scan, but a rather accurately sized model. The...
  10. verdaera

    Need Advice on Making Mold - Leia Necklace

    Hi, Getting no advice in the SW Prop forum... I finished my sculpt/carving for Leia's necklace from A New Hope out of green jewelers wax and I intend to make a two-part mold out of silicone. My first version of the piece will be cold-cast resin with aluminum powder but I'm hoping to build a...
  11. S

    Destiny 2 Better Devils (Also Help?

    Hail and Well Met, my dudes. Been a bit, but I recently started a project for fun, and an excuse to boot up the 3D printer again. I've been working on finishing the print of Better Devils, the Destiny 2 Kinetic Hand Cannon. Because I know my machine well, I actually scrubbed some details off and...
  12. Jok3r0314

    Small soldiers archer sculpt

    This is what I have so far, it's got a lot to go but in time he should start coming together for sure