1. jusdrewit

    My model kits & other builds over the last 4 years

    A few weeks ago I snapped a photo of just about every model kit, 3d resin statue, my first kitbash and every quick build I have completed since around 2017. I was a bit surprised at how much it was. Sometimes I feel like I'm cranking out one project every 6 months lol, I know some amazing...
  2. Jediknightandy

    Lost in Space 1998- AMT Jupiter 2 kit (With Lighting)

    This is a repost of a completed build from another Forum I posted in but figured you guys would appreciate it here on RPF. I have had this kit a number of years and it was started and some parts primed, but otherwise its basically a new build. I remember going to see this movie in cinemas when...
  3. Hedonist Farmer

    Battle on Sullust. Bandai AT-ST diorama (1/48)

    Hello everyone. i realized i never shared my most recent star wars diorama on the RPF so here we go. in case you are wondering the figures are from the board game Star Wars legion, they are not perfectly on scale with the bandai AT-ST but they still looks pretty nice i think. here is the...