model kit

  1. nicom1234

    Hogwarts Boathouse model kit - 1:100 Scale

    I have designed a laser cut 1:100 scale (close to HO scale) 'white card' model kit of the Hogwarts Boathouse from the film 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows' You can find more information about how it was made in this thread. It comes pre-cut out in a flat pack form (to reduce shipping...
  2. jusdrewit

    My 1/8 Female Boba Fett model kit

    Hello! This is my completed 1/8 Female Boba Fett kit, 3d printed by Ny3dcreations. Again another great print by him and couldn't be more pleased. Early on I decided I wanted her wearing a black jumpsuit to mimic Boba's black cloth parts in the Mando TV show, as well as a 'rearmored' look to her...
  3. NostromoCrew

    'South American Models' ALIEN “REFINERY REPLICA KIT” ?

    So I've noticed this companies models on sale form time to time on eBay, has anyone on the forum ever purchased from them? Attest to the quality? eBay sale: ALIEN-1979s-REFINERY-REPLICA-KIT-w-NOSTROMO-TUG-and-USS-SULACO-130-2-pcs From
  4. D

    Bandai B-Wing

    Hello all, I was lucky enough to get a Bandai B-Wing for Christmas this year, and so these past couple of weeks have been full of airbrushing, trying new techniques, and getting some lighting installed! The main inspiration for this build/paintjob came from Andy Moore, whose skills I could...
  5. jusdrewit

    My 1:5000 Bandai Star Destroyer

    Boy, what a love hate relationship I have with this model. The casting and overall look of this model is breathtaking, the detail, proportions is everything I've wanted for a SD model all my life... .. But boy, the inside engineering killed me as I did everything I could to avoid the 'smiley'...
  6. MortonPrice

    Predator Resin Model - How to Join together

    Hello all, looking for some advice on Resin models and how to join the limbs together. i have purchased 1:3 scale Predator 2 Kit which has come in pieces and i have no idea how to join it all together. The torso is really heavy. A solid piece of resin. 1) I have no idea how to join the legs to...
  7. Chicagovader

    Moebius Models 1:10 Scale Frazetta's Death Dealer

    Thought I would show off my recently completed build up of Moebius Models 1:10 scale model of Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer. I modified the face of the helmet a bit to be closer to the design that Frazetta came up with for Randy Bowen to follow on the 1:8 scale statue back in the mid 90's. I...
  8. E

    Random Greeblie pack

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong place or whatever but I have a question for you guys. I know these have been spoken about on here before but are there any people selling Greeblie packs? I'm looking for a random assortment of pieces. Likely they would be 3D printed (I'd do it myself...
  9. COlson

    Revell 1/48 scale Tie Fighter

    This is my completed Tie Fighter model build from Revell / Fine Molds. I added photo etch to the interior walls for lighting and some photo etch details to the exterior of the ship to present a more accurate representation. I also lit the engines and have a button on my base to make the lasers...
  10. DFC Props

    Bandai Millennium Falcon 006 Scale Kit Build

    Hello! Thought I'd share my work on the smallest version of the Millennium Falcon that Bandai offers. I made a video of the build process (includes lots of silliness) and posted pictures on my Instagram page (Dane Crandall (@prop_rocks) • Instagram photos and videos). Let me know what you...