model from scratch

  1. burtsfilms

    Evil Dead Cabin in HO size (1:87)

    Recently i built a Model of the Evil Dead Cabin with an little 3d printed Ash, the Oldsmobil and the Workshed. I tried to put allot of little details into it. All meassurements are calculated by movie stills and eyeballed with some speculative measurements and details, watched in the Movies...
  2. TheMurph

    The Expanse belter breaching pod, a beginners attempt

    I've decided to have a go at making one of the improvised belter breaching pods from the expanse! Still pretty new to model making so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Especially with how to go about making the 4 thruster things on each corner! All made from styrene so far...
  3. E

    The watchtower from Princess Mononoke

    I have always loved this film and especially this single wooden tower. There's a few places I dream of building one day, but I thought this one would be a nice place to begin. It's made at 28mm scale for table-top RPGs. I built it out of basswood, air-drying clay and white twine. I lost...
  4. Custard Gannet

    Blade Runner : Lobster Aerodyne

    So for my first scratch build I decided on the "Lobster" aerodyne from Blade Runner (although it could just as easily be called the "cobra car" from the stencils you can see on its "claw" wheel wells in some shots of the studio model. Its kind of mysterious, and relatively obscure (no toys or...
  5. D

    Custom made Millennium Falcon

    Hey everyone. I want to make a Millenium Falcon from balsa wood and was wandering if anyone knows of any build plans for this? I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find anything. I’m tempted to get the Bandai 1/72 perfect grade kit but would rather build it all myself from scratch. Any help will...
  6. FabiKurz

    V Skyfighter

    Hi everybody! Here I present to you my newest project; A V Skyfighter mini-model from scratch. I know, it would be better if the door were open in the "landing mode". Surely I won't resist and I'll make the necessary changes in the future, meanwhile, enjoy it I hope you like, Regards, FabiKurz.