1. S

    Kylo Ren helmet from Disney Store mask (not Black Series mod)

    This is my Kylo Ren helmet based entirely on Disney Store's mask, i.e. it's not the popular fusion of the Black Series helmet and Disney's mask. Links: DeviantArt (helmet and lightsaber) RPF post on my modded Disney Store lightsaber TL;DR In short the mask has been made into a whole...
  2. F

    GOTG Milano Starship battle-damaged Version

    Yesterday I bought a Hasbro toy for 30 bucks of the Milano Starship from GOTG, It's quite a cheap toy and I decided to modify it and turn it into a battle damaged relict entangled by forest vines and moss. Idk you guys but god I love it now. It will be placed inside my terrarium where I have a...
  3. halloweengf64

    TOTS Good Guy Doll mods??

    i just got a Trick or Treat Studios Good Guy Doll for christmas! i fixed up the hair and i love the way it looks. i was wondering if anyone has done any interesting modifications! i’ve seen rag doll body mods and voice boxes- has anyone attempted re-hairing or re-painting? has anyone tried...
  4. dmpsk8

    1:1 Darth Vader ANH Statue - Rubies Supreme mod

    Thought I'd share phase 1 of my ANH Vader project. This began as a Rubies Vader Supreme costume (standard size). It has potential, if you're OK with modifying and replacing parts over time. Here's what's happened so far: -Cut up and modified a basic mannequin. Bulked him up with closed cell...
  5. Nm1cciola


    If this isn't the right place to post this then please let me know where would be the best place to post this. Long story short I am just asking advice on how to best go about modding this helmet in order for it to be a co-void mask. So while I am good at cutting and creating new bands for the...