1. DaveP

    Vintage Hales No3 MK1

    I'm somewhat reluctant to sell this, which is reflected in the price.... This is a genuine WW1 No3 MK1 Hales Rifle Grenade, in cleaned up "dug relic" condition. Found in France (The Battle of the Somme 1916). It's obviously not in the unused condition that we sometimes (rarely) see, but for...
  2. CrossfireProps

    Limited Run Iron Man MK1 Helmet

    Hey all! Wanted to share my latest paint up as well announce a small run of Iron Man MK1 Helmets! Tony Stark may have built this in a cave, but I painted it in a 100 degree garage! These are resin casts from the one and only TJackFX that are finished and painted by me. Each one is painted in...
  3. livetoberadical

    Roman Props Inception/MK1 mashup Buried Hope

    Buried Hope -steel weathered MK1 balance pipe -brass neck (copper and brass coated) -anodized aluminum grenade & booster (weathered) -aluminum clamp band and activation box -aluminum sink knob -card -static and vented pommel caps Note: card is not attached. Something came up and need to sell...
  4. DaveP

    Obi Wan ANH build... Development Thread

    Oh dear, what have I started?! So, my impatience has got the better of me this evening, and I may have started something... The parts for my ISYHCANL are still in production, so I thought while I waited I'd have a try at a few Obi Wan parts in 3D: These are all very rough at this stage and...
  5. R

    Armored Spider-Man MK1 - EVA Foam

    I am currently making the Armored spiderman mk1 out of eva foam. I have been working on it for 1 month. This is for the Boston comic con 2019 (fan expo). This is what I have finish for now. Also working on the light up eye on the helmet.