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  1. jholt

    Museum Replicas Mjolnir: Making Another Worthy Hammer

    hey gang so while i was upgrading my king arts mjolnir, i decided i wanted to have all 3 of the designed hammers throughout the Thor films. arguably the two hammers are on the right are essentially the same hammer but with a rotated handle. while the EFX hammer is easily the hardest one to...
  2. bigkilo

    Helmets helmets

    Clearing up space for new projects. Thor ragnarok helmet by tjack - painted by me. Doesnt have the rear connector for the wings, but the wings are removable in case you want to do that upgrade. SOLD Ant man civil war helmet made and painted by inception studios. Never worn, been on display...
  3. jholt

    Museum Replicas Mjolnir question

    hey all has anybody taken on the task of taking a part a Museum Replicas Mjolnir? im acquiring one and was wondering if anybody knows a bit more about its construction. thanks!
  4. jholt

    King Arts Mjolnir: Making a Worthy Hammer

    hey all! so this is my very first post regarding my own personal projects! Mjolnir is one of those props I have been obsessed with for quite a while now. and like many others here, haven't really found a replica that does the screen used ones justice. i think it is widely agreed upon that the...
  5. jholt

    King Arts Mjolnir

    A long shot however if anybody here is looking to part with their King Arts Mjolnir, any variant, please let me know! I'm ideally looking for the wall mounted one but am interested in all of them. thanks!
  6. Jake Kassnoff

    Magnetic Thor Hammer Mjolnir

    From CB Radio magnetic antennas:
  7. elilay

    Interest Screen Accurate THOR's hammer with metal parts (Mjolnir)

    PHOTO UPDATE: RUN OPEN: LIST: FINISH: 1. the Pawn 2. MANDINGALOW 3.Dakota 4.Ghost1 KITS: 1. Jacob286482 2. .... UPDATE: So RAW KIT With all needed parts and materials: -Metal parts of details: (round runes, metal rings for handle, pommel) -Leather patterns for each segment. (I thought...
  8. Halo 4 Master Chief - PartsandKrafts

    Halo 4 Master Chief - PartsandKrafts

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