mission impossible

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  1. DB537

    'Morley' Cigarette Pack Props from the Original Maker - Available Now

    I'm getting ready to put together a new prop order from Earl Hays Press. If there is any interest, I am going to get some of these 'Morley' prop cigarette packs as seen in many films and TV shows, such as The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, and Mission: Impossible. EHP is the original maker of these...
  2. DB537

    Mission: Impossible (Original TV Series)

    Nov. 9 UPDATE: If any of my image links are missing or you can't see them after the recent forum update, please reply in the thread and I'll upload them again. When I have more time, I will eventually add all of my files into this first post so that it's easier to find. I've been doing a lot of...
  3. sschueller

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) - Nuke remote trigger device

    Hi everyone, My first post :). I want to build the beautiful trigger device they had in the movie and I am looking for some input regarding parts if anyone has any suggestions on sources. I think I will make it into an egg timer or maybe an alarm clock. Has anyone else already started a...
  4. Indy Magnoli

    Limited Run Mission Impossible Leather IMF Folder (original series)

    One of our customers requested we replicate the IMF folder from the original Mission: Impossible series. It'd be best to do this as a run, so if anyone else is interested, let us know and we'll gauge quantities accordingly. Price will be $75 (plus shipping, $12 via airmail or $18 via courier)...
  5. The Searcher

    Mission: Impossible Fallout Ethan Hunt Costume Thread

    I know, I know. Everyone on the forum and their dog is probably tired of me starting a bunch of M:I threads and not updating my T1 or Risky Business threads. I promise you, I will get back to those. In the mean time, I’m starting this thread after realizing there was more interest in Ethan...
  6. Guardian Devil

    My newest screen used props

    I've just added a few new items to my collection - First up is Johns hero metal Baton. Seen at the start of the film, again when Johns recaptures Riddick and finally during Johns final battle with Riddick. Next is a shirt worn by Johns after his final battle with Riddick: Next is a...

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