millennium falcon

  1. Moska

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon By Moska, 2022

    Hello fellow modellers. After several years carefully keeping all the deliveries of the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon collection, the time has finally come to start the work. The first thing that I did not like about the model is the cockpit and the wells of the guns. For a model of this price...
  2. W

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon – Sidewall Modification

    Hi All, I’m nearing the end of my DeAgostini Falcon build, and almost ready to assemble the top and bottom saucers. I’m curious about the sidewall modification where you mount the metal support pieces on the inside to buy more room for the side sections to better match the filming miniature...
  3. JNordgren42

    Bandai 1/144 Millennium Falcon decal questions plus build progress...

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and I just got back into modeling after a long hiatus when my son got me the Bandai TLJ Clear Vehicle set. I had a lot of fun putting those tiny kits together and decided I wanted something a little bigger so I picked up the 1/144 Bandai RoS Falcon. I'm impressed...
  4. ScottSix8

    Hasbro Hero 28" Millennium Falcon mod

    I have started a huge photo project that requires a few ships. I have chosen to use practical ships because I had the Hasbro Falcon in the garage. I bought an upgrade details kit for that and can't wait to start the paint process on it as well as the rest of the ships!! I ordered the Revell 60cm...
  5. JCulley3D

    Star Wars Room Tour - Millennium Falcon Bench & Hologram!

    Hey guys, a new video is up as a part of our regular Star Wars prop building show The Rebel Base Build! Join me for a virtual tour and laser cut Millennium Falcon style seating area!
  6. Justin Gunn

    Building a Coughtrie Millennium Falcon Wall Sconce - Need Dimensions

    I have a vintage Coughtrie of Glasgow SW10 lamp base and I plan on designing in Illustrator and laser cutting the wall mount surround and plexiglass elements (ESB version) for it. Does anyone have any idea as to what the dimensions should be for that laser cut surround?
  7. TheReliquary

    Coaxium Hyperfuel Canister Review! (Solo - A Star Wars Story)

    Episode 3 of my Replica Review channel is up! Canister Rating - 10/10 Coaxium Vial Rating - 7/10 Total of 6/10 due to how the item arrived. If anyone wants me to review their work, send me a message! Enjoy! Dave The Reliquary - Replicas and Reviews
  8. andyland

    Andyland's Bandai 1/72 PG Falcon

    After working on it for ages, my PG Falcon is nearly ready for painting and weathering. Since I've added custom lighting to it (making up most of it as I go) I'm posting some pics here, in case they help anyone. Thanks to StevenBills for his hints as I started the process and the encouragement...
  9. Demigod

    Bandai Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon 1/72

    „I love you!“ „I know.“ Even if rarely more romantic words were spoken we all know that Han Solo’s true love was the Millennium Falcon. No, not Chewie (just a bro). Indeed, it was the Falcon. As with the Bandai kit there is a definitive Falcon out there, it’s time for me to build that thing...
  10. J

    Looking for obscure Millennium Falcon 5 footer references photos

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking for photos of the 5 footer's bottom port side rear quadrant, opposite the quadrant with the big gash/hole. Believe it or not, this area is very poorly represented in the available reference photos. I have all the images from the reference links from NKG's amazing...
  11. CruxScenica

    Real Upholstered Millennium Falcon Couch and Holochess Table

    Hey y'all, I run a scenic shop in Richmond, VA and I actually joined the forum to post this piece we were commissioned to build by a private client. He wanted a comfortable version of the Millenium Falcon couch along with the Holochess Table for his Star Wars Memorabilia Room. The design...
  12. COlson

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon

    Here are some photos of my DeAgostini Millennium Falcon model build. I built this a few years ago now. I was an early adopter of the kit. The additional interior hold detail is all custom built from styrene and tubing. The floors of the hold and halls are photo etch, as well as the engine...
  13. DFC Props

    Bandai Millennium Falcon 006 Scale Kit Build

    Hello! Thought I'd share my work on the smallest version of the Millennium Falcon that Bandai offers. I made a video of the build process (includes lots of silliness) and posted pictures on my Instagram page (Dane Crandall (@prop_rocks) • Instagram photos and videos). Let me know what you...

    FALCON 32" hunk of junk build

    Greeting all, there may be a Falcon to many on here but what the hell...thought I'd show you my Dagostini Falcon build & I must say lm enjoying it, Exellent quality. Metal guns cannons drilled out.... Lightly sanded all the metal parts then soapy wash & dry them... then primed below, you can...