millennium falcon

  1. CruxScenica

    Real Upholstered Millennium Falcon Couch and Holochess Table

    Hey y'all, I run a scenic shop in Richmond, VA and I actually joined the forum to post this piece we were commissioned to build by a private client. He wanted a comfortable version of the Millenium Falcon couch along with the Holochess Table for his Star Wars Memorabilia Room. The design...
  2. COlson

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon

    Here are some photos of my DeAgostini Millennium Falcon model build. I built this a few years ago now. I was an early adopter of the kit. The additional interior hold detail is all custom built from styrene and tubing. The floors of the hold and halls are photo etch, as well as the engine...
  3. Prop Rocks

    Bandai Millennium Falcon 006 Scale Kit Build

    Hello! Thought I'd share my work on the smallest version of the Millennium Falcon that Bandai offers. I made a video of the build process (includes lots of silliness) and posted pictures on my Instagram page (Dane Crandall (@prop_rocks) • Instagram photos and videos). Let me know what you...
  4. Mpashuk

    EFX Battlestar Galactica Viper Helmet

    looking for anyone interested in selling a EFX battlestar galactica viper pilot helmet, I’m in UK but willing to pay shipping. I have an degostini millennium falcon all 100 parts and mags plus 100a, wall bracket, Han Solo statue and t shirt but only can ship uk it is large and heavy if anyone...

    FALCON 32" hunk of junk build

    Greeting all, there may be a Falcon to many on here but what the hell...thought I'd show you my Dagostini Falcon build & I must say lm enjoying it, Exellent quality. Metal guns cannons drilled out.... Lightly sanded all the metal parts then soapy wash & dry them... then primed below, you can...