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  1. A

    Deagostini Millennium Falcon Complete unassembled kit with additional extras

    For sale The DeAgostini Millennium Falcon Complete kit unassembled Comes with all the magazines 1 - 100 + 2 binders DeAgostini members special model steel stand All parts come in sealed in original bags. I only partially assembled parts 1 - 10 Cabin and cargo hold to add additional lights...
  2. Sylk

    Falcon PG 1/72: wrong or faithful hole?

    Hi everybody, I have some doubts about the top-right first hole from the Falcon’s mandible. It is not a perfect circle and is misaligned with panels. I have not found reference image of this hole to check... Do you know if it is in accordance with the original Falcon or if I have to do a...
  3. D

    Custom made Millennium Falcon

    Hey everyone. I want to make a Millenium Falcon from balsa wood and was wandering if anyone knows of any build plans for this? I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find anything. I’m tempted to get the Bandai 1/72 perfect grade kit but would rather build it all myself from scratch. Any help will...
  4. Millenium Falcon

    Millenium Falcon

  5. Millenium Falcon Plan

    Millenium Falcon Plan

  6. Millenium Falcon

    Millenium Falcon

  7. Millenium Falcon

    Millenium Falcon

  8. Millenium Falcon

    Millenium Falcon

  9. Millenium Falcon

    Millenium Falcon

  10. Millenium Falcon

    Millenium Falcon

  11. C

    HASBRO Millennium Falcon 1/48 Build

    Hi This is my first post, and first build of this type and complexity. It has taken a long time to get to this point but finally starting to see it coming together. I have decided to remove and scratch build and kit bash, all of the maintenance bays,etc. But i am trying for the Empire version...
  12. CruxScenica

    Real Upholstered Millennium Falcon Couch and Holochess Table

    Hey y'all, I run a scenic shop in Richmond, VA and I actually joined the forum to post this piece we were commissioned to build by a private client. He wanted a comfortable version of the Millenium Falcon couch along with the Holochess Table for his Star Wars Memorabilia Room. The design...
  13. Naidam

    Millenium Falcon Revell with Lights

    Hi, this is my first build and it is a Millenium Falcon with lights. The botton lights are made with leds and fiber optic, the ions thruster is an array of SMD blue leds with a tripot so you can adjust or turn off the brightess of light. I'm really enjoying this type of construction, I've...