1. MabellWhilby

    SCP Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 V1-V3

    This is my first time posting on this forum, so apologies if my formatting is strange. I've been working on this costume for the better part of three years, currently it is in its third version (more like 3.2). I figured I'd post it here to see what everyone thinks, as I can't find any past...
  2. Smithsonian

    Full Metal Jacket Pvt. Joker Helmet

    So many years ago, I had the idea to start making replica helmets to display in my movie room. As much as I would like to buy an already made piece, there is more enjoyment in looking for authentic items used, making replicas, and attempting to be as close to the real thing as possible. When I...
  3. Brigandia36

    Apocalypse Now 1979

    Hi, I was interested to find Harrison Ford in the movie and made some search. I've found a photo where he's wearing an uniform with an identity card. Can someone help me to identify what kind of card it is ? I am not familiar with this period of war. Thank you proud members of the RPF.