miles morales

  1. MountainMan25

    Miles morales 2020 passion project

    I've been working on this for a year and honestly really happy with the results. Will be making upgrades for this beauty.
  2. P

    Miles Morales Venom Strike

    I'm trying to make an adjustment to my Miles Morales Spider-Man suit where the sleeve lights up like he's about to do his venom strike. Are there any suggestions to make a somewhat realistic lightning look that doesn't look too bulky under the suit?
  3. JaredRmz

    A Leap of Faith: Post your Miles Spidey Costume

    I don't know if there's actually a thread for this, but this one's just for Miles Morales (Harlem's Spiderman) cosplays or WIP cosplays. I've been working on mine and still don't finish, but I'm eager to finish it as soon as possible (: