michael myers

  1. The Terminator

    DEAD RINGER Michael Myers Halloween mask

    DEAD RINGER by Handiboy Studios (Nick Mulpagano). www.handiboy.com SIZE: 24.5 inches. As new, only worn once for these photos. Buy NOW and avoid Handiboy's wait time (6-8 months). The reason I'm selling this is because it's a bit too small for me, and I have already ordered a larger mask. This...
  2. CemeteryHaunts

    Judith Myers and Voorhees Tombstones

    Hello everyone! Today is my first post! A little about me...I'm an artist like most of you and I do this full time. I started building custom Tombstones about 10 years ago because I was just so fed up with retail stones for Halloween. I made them for myself and about 8 years ago I started...