metal parts

  1. The Sweatshop

    TheSweatshop's Mythos Totokia Gaffi Stick

    Unfortunately a lot of this build will lack photos. My phones back facing camera is broken and add on a lack of discipline of taking progress pictures of the build. It's far too fun building to pause the build to take photos. Lets start with end goal and references. When it comes to...
  2. dkraude

    Limited Run IG-88 DLT20A Machined Parts Denix Conversion

    I have been working on an all metal machined Denix Conversion kit for an IG-88 DLT20A. I had 4 being made but due to financial difficulties 2 of the 4 buyers have needed to back out. I am posting this thread to see if there is any interest in purchasing the remaining 2 slots. This build will...
  3. Sni9er

    Limited Run =JJ= Industries - The Mandalorian Metal Parts - Consolidated Sales Thread

    Today I'm proud to launch the "Master Mandalorian" Aluminium Accessories Kit: The kit features an astonishing 86 pieces to ensure bounty hunting need not be a complicated profession, the bundle deal saves you 14% over buying the part individually, to keep a lid on prices...