1. DaveChaos

    Unlimited Run Metal Witcher Medallion

    Hi all I have recently finished my take on the new Netflix series Witcher Medallion as seen in season two. I'm doing the run via my website for ease of purchase and for my my own sanity on tracking the orders. Each one is hand cast in pewter, which gives a nice weight to it. It is then...
  2. NuadaDesigns

    Robin Hood Prince of Thieves-Locksleys Medallion

    I made the master for this piece two years ago and have only recently gotten around to casting it in pewter. Brass wire and heat-brassed top ring with imitation stone. Just waiting on some more brass belcher to finish off these ones.
  3. VonMagnum

    Staff of Ra Medallion Cookies!

    This is something I wanted to try last year during my vacation, but never got around to it. I can't really go anywhere this year so I finally bothered to give it a go. I wanted to see if I could make Staff of Ra Medallion SUGAR COOKIES for Indiana Jones parties and the like. I'll probably try...