master replicas

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  1. Brothervader

    Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Hilt 2002 Master Repicas

    165$ shipped. This was one of the very first lightsaber Master replicas ever produced. This is from their FX lightsabers line. Even before they had the light-up LED strands. When I received this lightsaber, the sound was not working. I removed the blade and inner Electronics to make it a...
  2. M

    Star Wars FS: Star Wars Master Replicas Jango Fett Blasters

    For sale: Star Wars 2005 Master Replicas Jango Fett Westar-34 blaster pistols. Excellent condition. Includes the numbered plaque (1224/1500), the box, and box slide cover. Does not include the clear acrylic display cover, display stand, or original MR brown shipper box. $1000 + shipping / USA.
  3. cbrant

    Star Wars Master Replicas Jango Blasters

    Putting my Jango Westars from Master Replicas for sale. They include the MR base, which is in okay shape. The blasters themselves are in near perfect condition and are incredibly cool. There is no acrylic case or plaque. $800 + shipping in the US.
  4. cbrant

    Star Wars MR Master Replicas Count Dooku Saber

    Selling my Master Replicas Count Dooku saber. It comes with the display box and an aftermarket acrylic stand which is quite nice. The saber is in immaculate condition. This does not include an MR plaque or mailer. I am looking to get $600 shipped in the US or best offer. I am also open to trades...
  5. squirk

    Want to Buy MR ROTS Vader helmet

    Like the title says. I’m tired of weeding through crap eBay search results that either a.) aren’t the ROTS; b.) aren’t MR; c.) are the smaller-scaled helmet; or d.) none of the above but the seller just added “Master Replicas Vader Helmet Sith” to the listing to get more hits. I would need the...
  6. BTTUK

    Signed Master Replica Limited Edition

    This is my Master Replica Limited Edition version of the Anakin Revenge of The Sith saber. It has been signed by Hayden himself at Celebration. I bought this from the original owner who has left the lightsaber community, but the saber pommel has the authenticity stickers. Price includes...
  7. MercedesSLR

    Want to Buy Master Replica plaque or simliar

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some new old stock/remade to look like MR Plaques or icons for a Luke's ESB saber or the ROTJ Luke's V2. Thanks in advance
  8. Cbstudios

    Luke ROTJ thin neck build from a MR Force FX

    Hey all. So a few years back, I scored a Master Replicas Luke ROTJ Force Fx saber in a trade for some leather work. This saber had been converted to an in-hilt luxeon well before I got it, and it had seen some fair damage, I’d pulled it apart to repair some solder joints a few times, and was...
  9. A

    2007 Master Replicas Lightsaber Battery Chamber

    Hi, My son has the 2007 Master Replicas FX Anakin Lightsaber, I gave him as a gift in 2007. By accident, when we were moving, I threw away the battery pack. I feel just awful about it. Does anyone have a broken lightsaber with an operable battery pack or a spare one, they’d be willing to part...
  10. Edraven99

    MR ANH Vader LE Lightsaber Question

    Hey guys, Have any of you or know of anyone who has stripped the t-tracks off of a MR Vader ANH LE lightsaber? I've been toying with the idea of stripping and correcting the t-tracks on mine - the MR ANH comes with 6 t-tracks instead of the correct 7 tracks. I know that on the FX hilts at...

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