mass effect

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  1. fallimar

    Mass Effect: Mass Effect, Grunt - foam build with latex - pic heavy

    So, I've been planning a Grunt suit for a while now. I'm about to begin, so to kick my butt into gear I've started this thread. Always more motivation when you've got people spurring you on, or at least looking at what you're doing! heh. Right, so I'm planning resin-coated foam for the...
  2. Zombiiesays

    Mass Effect Cosplay Gathering at SDCC 2013?

    Hey everyone! Are there going to be any other Mass Effect cosplayers at San Diego Comic Con 2013? Who will you be going as?
  3. J

    mass effect + m8 avenger assault rifle + N7 armor

    if you dont like reading, you can watch the video i made about this build ive always loved the mass effect trilogy and i thought that i make a rifle from the franchise so i picked the M8 rifle. soo having some idea to make it i rushed into it and well i didn't end well. So with more...
  4. Popeanator

    Mass Effect Pepakura File Archive. (Check For Regular Updates)

    Welcome to the Mass Effect Pepakura File Archive (Extranet). I have stuck every file I've come across, onto this thread and I ask you to do the same as It is extremely hard to find mass effect related pep-files. Much appreciated. I've just sort of stumbled into the world of pepakura. To be...
  5. mdb

    [WIP] Mass Effect Female Turian(s), Nyreen and Neimhaille

    I was going to put this in the sculpture section but I have finally started the fabric parts so whole costume it is ;) Mass Effect Nyreen is part of the Omega DLC, I am doing her tunic set rather than full on armour due to really not wanting another set of armour taking up room when I am...
  6. T

    Mordin Bust Mass Effect 2 Sculpt

    So I've been working on Mordin for the past two days, as you can see his jaw area and neck still need alot of work but this is where he sits as of now. I'd like to hear some advice on what to do with his eyes, something just seems off, oh they're dollar tree ladels that i cut off :lol
  7. Angel Virus

    Mass Effect N7 foam build - Successfull armour, unsuccessfull paint

    Greetings RPF. First time poster, long time reader. This past Halloween, I did myself up a set of N7 armour out of EVA interlocking foam. Having spent just about a full month of 3 hours a night working time, I came out with something I was quite proud of: I...
  8. L

    Mass Effect - Eclipse mercs references?

    Having seen some of the nifty costumes put together for Mass Effect, I was thinking of trying one out myself. Since the N7 and main cast seem well covered, I thought it might be fun to try to do an Eclipse mercenary. Since most of the Eclipse characters featured in the movies are female...
  9. A

    Mass Effect N7 Armour, Cardboard - 6 Days - FINISHED!

    Ok, so it has been my intention for a while to make the N7 armour out of the EVA Foam like many here have done before. With time being tight before Saturday’s festivities and not being able to source the foam locally in time I settled on using card instead, and seeing what could be done. I...
  10. Broadway204

    3D N7 Armor logo

    Hey Gang, It's been a while since my last post. However I have been working on a friends costume for halloween. As a result of that I created a Armor logo for his suit and wanted to know what you think. I may cast these an make them available for members. This was hand painted but you get...
  11. aron42486

    Mass Relay Model from Mass Effect - Molding the Master

    Edit: This has now become an actual build thread Anyone ever attempt building a model of a Mass Relay from Mass Effect? I'm considering this, maybe as a 3D print. Any Mass Effect fans interested? I'm thinking 12" long x 5" tall x 2" wide. It would be nice if I could make the...
  12. Variant

    Mass Effect 2 Tali Zorah Helmet

    Hello again everybody. Like the title says Here is the Mass Effect Tali Zorah Helmet I built for my girlfriend. I loosely based this off the Pep files I got on-line (sorry I don't remember who the files were from) . Through research I found someone online who had made a Tali helmet from a...
  13. Captain Ahmazing

    Mass Effect 2 - Cerberus Assault Armor

    So, I'm new to the forums, but I wanted to see what you all thought of the progress on my EVA foam Cerberus Assault Armor from Mass Effect 2. (Constructive criticism welcomed). It's my first time working with foam, and I know a lot more now than I knew when I first started. I will probably make...
  14. T

    New Member building original design armor

    Hello! I'm a new member to the RPF, but I've been watching threads for the past couple months after discovering an amazing Mass Effect N7 armor build using these EVA foam mats as my crafting material. I was inspired by the ME armor, but also a video on BackyardFX about how easy it is so...
  15. qckslvr546

    Mass Effect N7 WIP

    Hey, this is my first build and I'm doing the N7 armor from Mass Effect using EVA foam. Wanted to do this since I saw an awesome armor at this years Comic Con and have it done by the time ME3 comes out but it's actually going faster than planned so I'm hoping to get it done for Halloween. Got...
  16. V

    Mass Effect N7 Armor Attempt

    Hey Hey I am a huge Mass Effect fan and after seeing some of the amazing work that otheres have done with N7 armor and discovering the EVA foam, I really wanted to give it a try myself. My friend Rob is helping me out with it since he has far more experience building things than I do...
  17. Rogue Spectre

    Mass Effect 2 Capacitor armor

    Hello All, This will be my first blog, anywhere. I will be posting on how I made my Mass Effect 2 Capacitor armor using the popular foam flooring. I should have pics up in the next few days. If you want to see some of my pics though then check out my facebook. I will also be making a seperate...
  18. wsionynw

    Mass Effect N7 Rifle

    I'm new here, so sorry if this is old news but I stumbled across this guy's site and was blown away. Just check out this replica rifle, insane skills! More stuff here and a guide to boot. Volpin Props
  19. Ahura

    M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol Build from Mass Effect 2

    I've done a lot of reading around here, but this would be my first post. After finishing my ME2 N7 Armor and M8 Avenger earlier this year, I decided to start on the M-5 Phalanx from the Firepower DLC pack for myself and a couple of friends doing Kasumi and Miranda. I'm planning on getting...
  20. T

    Thane Mass effect 2 bust sculpt

    So I just started this sculpt last night, only about four hours into it, alot of work todo still but I have the shape down pretty well. Thane's look is so hard to achieve, I wrestled with it for a bit then I think I got it, you guys tell me. securedownload-6.jpg picture by tonythepony100 -...
  21. HeatherShepard

    [Mass Effect] Costume Veterans?

    I am trying to set up the basic outlines for a Mass Effect costume for Halloween this year. I'm going on a cruise, and I want to blow everyone on that ship out of the water! (and win a ship on a stick) Even if they don't recognize my costume, I think it would still be cool to maybe win just by...
  22. J

    Diesel Punk Costume and Guns

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post of my work, thought I'd start with my latest project. I designed and built these props taking inspiration from the rocketeer, boba fett, iron man, issac clarke, big daddys, 1930's streamline, art deco etc. Mainly made out of aluminium, fibreglass and...
  23. Lifeburn

    Mass Effect M8 Avenger build

    Well I'm trying my hand at making the M8 Avenger from the Mass Effect games to go with my newly aquired N7 armor. For this build I'm using EVA foam entirely. First of all for those who don't know what this rifle looks like this is it. I found some templates of the side. I then traced the...
  24. Tyr

    Mass Effect 2 Blood Dragon Build

    I started this at the end of March but never got around to starting a thread here on the RPF. The goal: The Build: I did a quick unfold of my helmet model and assembled it with Pepakura. Then I hardened the outside with fiberglass resin(blue food coloring to ensure total...
  25. Volpin

    Mass Effect 2 - M8 Assault Rifle: FINISHED! See p.5

    Well well well... Yodajammies is showing off his fancy-pants CNC build on his M7, so I figure I'll throw my hat into the ring with my old-school "Layer MDF and hack at it with a belt sander" method! Eric and I are also both attending DragonCon this year, but he's got a bit of a head start on...

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