1. FreddySchramm

    He-Man / Joe Exotic Halloween Mashup

    So this Halloween I tried doing another mashup and have a good project to film for my channel so I give you a cringe costume mashup.You might have seen this online on facebook already. Exotic-Man! Also Gave Me an excuse to make armor for my cat.... she didn't like it one bit.
  2. Kyengen

    A Beauty and the Beast inspired lightsaber: The Saberabra (+ a heap of failures)

    I started this project as a commission early last year thinking it was going to be fairly easy and strictly speaking, it should have been, and then it wasn't. I mean, I hadn't made anything lightsaber-y before, but it seemed pretty straight forward and I built about 8 working models at various...
  3. StevenBills

    Band of Brothers intro + Rogue One mashup

    Hey everybody. Not sure where else to post this, but I made a thing. I love Band of Brothers, and I love Rogue One, so I edited a Band of Brothers-esque intro for Rogue One. Lemme know what you think! SB
  4. FreddySchramm

    Judge Dangle costume

    I'm best known for my Slave George Lucas and Emperor Mickey Mashup, and my Freddy Mercery Kruger, so I really needed to up my mashup game for SVCC. So I give you Judge Dangle.... Keep on new Boot Goofin. .