mars attacks

  1. MIMIC

    Interest Mars attacks MARTIAN BUST

    Hi everyone, PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT FINISHED YET, PAINTWORK TO BE COMPLETED AND THE EYEBALLS WILL BE ADDED IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS. I'd like to offer a few if these as I think they came out really well, It is a roto-cast polyurethane plastic piece and foam filled. I'd like to do a...
  2. J

    Want to Buy ISO (In search of): Mars Attacks Stop Motion Alien Puppet Prop

    Hey! I've been looking for one of these little guys for a while now. I remember when I was a kid, Warner Bros listed a number of these stop motion Alien props that were to be used in the filming of Mars Attacks. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get one then, and have wanted one ever since. It...
  3. weaselflinger

    1:1 Mars Attacks Martian WIP UPDATE! Now with color

    I've always wanted a 1:1 martian bust and started collecting reference photos to sculpt one from from scratch. On a whim, I thought I should check eBay just in case casts from the full sized production martians were floating around and I found this: It is only the front half, but I got it for...
  4. D

    Mars Attacks life size alien

    Hello, I am new to the movie prop scene, but I purchased a life size alien from mars atttacks awhile back. I was wondering if anyone knows much about these guys. I am guessing they were the ones laying around in scenes. This guy is a little over five feet tall. Any info would be great about this...