1. Banzai88

    Star Wars Unique Complete Female Mando/Black Sun costume by Neil Ellis

  2. Finns Forge

    Anodized aluminum Darksaber hilt by Malibu139

    Letting go of my Mandalorian Darksaber hilt by Malibu139 and Blade by Saber Trader. Included are install components, Proffie Chassis, switches, charging port, kill switch, pcb and blade. I’m charging original cost plus shipping. Cost included for US shipping only and outside of the US contact...
  3. Farrells Props

    Mandolorian Tracking Fob Build

    Well....I knew I had to make some of these at one point or another. It was really just a matter of having the time. I finished exams last week and have been diving back into projects headfirst. I started by sketching up a rough design of the prop in Mando's hand as well as other shots with the...
  4. zenix

    Unlimited Run "It's not a toy" Razor Crest Knob for baby yoda - The Mandalorian V2 NOW SHIPPING

    I've edited this post to reflect the current 2021 offer, V2. There's three options. Screen accurate 1.5", screen accurate 1.5" with display stand, or 2" oversized car shifter. They're made from solid aluminum, to faux button is anodized blue, and the ring around the center is marked with deep...
  5. bobaboi

    Help! Mandolorian Tracking Fob

    I’d like to start making a tracking fob from the mandolorian, and I think I’ve got most of the pieces I need worked out except one, the end piece on the antenna. Now this may seem like a stupid question, but can anyone give me a name or somewhere to buy this cable crimp piece that’s used on...