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  1. Soulinertia

    Sideshow / Legacy Effects Baby Yoda (The Child) mods and upgrades!

    I've received numerous inquiries about the mods I've done for my Sideshow "Baby Yoda" through Facebook, other RPF threads and my Instagram "soulinertia" (namely modding the arms to be able to move). So I've decided to compile them all here. I've only done a few upgrades so far, but I have plans...
  2. aprilandthree

    Armor for Sabine Wren costume

    Hi all. I am an extreme newbie here, so please bear with me. My daughter (8yo) wants to be Sabine Wren for Halloween. I make all of her costumes but this one has me stumped. What do I use for the armor and helmet? I found a YouTube tutorial for a Mandalorian helmet using cardboard so I think...
  3. E59E1E7F-C755-4FB5-911D-23D14668D97D.jpeg


    Anovos Mandalorian cast, stripped of its original paint.
  4. Mr Mold Maker

    Various Mandalorian Paint Work

    Hey folks. I figured it was time to stop bombarding the Mandalorian reference thread with my work, and instead, to compile it all into one place. Here I will share various things, from armor, blasters, helmets, and whatever else Mando related happens to come across my workbench. I have finished...
  5. Jake Kassnoff

    Mandalorian Gauntlets

    Just some custom gauntlets:
  6. thegnome

    Fiberglass Molding on 3D Printed Mandalorian Helmet

    Hey, Thegnome here. I was wondering how precise using fiberglass molding would look on a 3D Mandalorian helmet in terms of the contours of the abrupt edges of the helmet on top of the 3D mold. How refined can fiberglass get if you sand it? Thoughts? Thanks
  7. Numbskull

    Identifying heavy Mandalorian gun (Spoiler Warning)

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I need some help with identifying a gun from the Mandalorian series for a custom project In Chapter 3, The Sin, we are introduced to the "Heavy Infantry" Mandalorian, a juggernaut-like class of Mandalorian. In the last scene of the episode, we see him...
  8. sctcarts

    The Mandalorian - full scale Child "Baby Yoda" prop

    Wanted to share the current obsessive personal project I’m working on. I – like just about the rest of the world – am totally a fan of “The Child” on THE MANDALORIAN. As a puppet builder, I decided I wanted to take on building a fully practical puppet and be as accurate to his look and size as...

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