1. charliesg22


    Any advice massively appreciated. I was asked to make a martian tentacle, it needed to be 2.4 m in length, be strong enough to be dropped from a ceiling everyday a few times a day for 3 years have flexibility and look slimey. I was only given a small amount of time to do this therefore was...
  2. Niccolo T

    Any suggestion on how to make Volrath's armor?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum, I would like to make the cosplay of the character Volrath (images below), from magic the gathering. I am new to costume making and I'd like your opinion on how I should approach the making of his armor. Does anybody have a suggestion on what...
  3. Scar71

    Who makes what thread.

    Hi folks I am following through some of the tutorials, which are really handy. I noticed that some of the links are dead (to be expected over time). One that would be really handy is the ' Who makes what' thread. Has it been updated and moved, or it is it as dead as a dodo? Many Thanks