1. trymypatience

    Ollivander (John Hurt) sculpt progress with lots of pics!

    Like my previous post about the full sized spider, this is another part of the effort I put in for Halloween 2018. I have never tried to sculpt a likeness and am under no illusions about my skillset! :lol: I was aiming for a feel of the character more than accuracy and was happy about how it...
  2. PeterIsMyName

    Movie Accurate Harry's Cupboard Under the Stairs | 1/6 Scale model wanna be

    Hello everyone! I just watched and read the Harry Potter saga again, and started to think, what if I build a 1/6 scale model of Harry's Cupboard? And with that, I started doing some research. I have found some cool pictures. The tallest point of the door is about 1.75/1.78 meters high...