1. mugatu

    Star Wars FS: Real Found Parts Green Tab EIAJ Panels NOS

    Thanks for checking this out. I have for sale one NOS EIAJ plug green tab side panel for the Luke ANH Macrobinoculars. The side panel comes with the two original screws. ***The side panel comes with only the screws and nothing else. YOU will need to source the rest of the plug as well as...
  2. eethan

    Star Wars EIAJ plugs, NOS in box + other cool stuff Huge final price drop

    Hello there, I have a few EIAJ plugs available for sale, please PM me to buy as this is a multi-sale-thread :) disclaimer, I am based in France for those that don't know. those will ship worldwide for 9€ though and I have a lot of experience shipping internationally :) I have lowered all the...
  3. thawn_es

    Interest **CLOSED** Luke's macrobinoculars resin lenses

    I'm going to do a limited run in resin of the kaligar lenses for the kalimar 660 used on the luke`s macros or for han's binoculars (the art of han solo a star wars story). - Set of a pair builded, painted, static and ready to display for 100€ plus shipping. If there is an interest of at least...
  4. Dann

    Custom Luke style Macrobinoculars

    Howdy folks! So, I cobbled together some Luke style Macros. I hope you like them! They're for sale in the junkyard, to help pay for my kitty cat's surgery.