1. Edraven99

    Star Wars For Sale: Kalimar Six Sixty Camera

    Up for grabs is a Kalimar 660 camera for your macrobinocular build needs! The camera itself is in excellent condition; what you see in the pictures is what you get! As a bonus, I'm throwing in an EIAJ connector case. This is just the case and you'd need to supply the innards, but the plate on...
  2. Trooper_trent

    Star Wars Macrobinocular Parts. $60

    Kalimar SixSixty viewer hood (black variant) 2 kalimar knobs 2 Seagull knobs
  3. thawn_es

    Interest **CLOSED** Luke's macrobinoculars resin lenses

    I'm going to do a limited run in resin of the kaligar lenses for the kalimar 660 used on the luke`s macros or for han's binoculars (the art of han solo a star wars story). - Set of a pair builded, painted, static and ready to display for 100€ plus shipping. If there is an interest of at least...
  4. Dann

    Custom Luke style Macrobinoculars

    Howdy folks! So, I cobbled together some Luke style Macros. I hope you like them! They're for sale in the junkyard, to help pay for my kitty cat's surgery.