1. Archive&Future

    Another ANH Denix DL-44

    My friend Jem (Pippin96) and I have decided to build up a pair of Denix blasters, so we're adding an umpteenth Denix thread to the RPF here- I doubt we'll add anything that hasn't been done before, but it's always enjoyable to share a project. I started with the disassembly, which necessitated...
  2. mechx

    Orgus Din Lightsaber Hilt (Odin's Wrath 2020 Run) - By Jawas Junkyard

    Hello, again, for those who don't know me. I'm Jawa's Junkyard. I'm proud to show you, a long anticipated re-indition of my sold out Odin's Wrath from 2018. This is new and improved with many accuracy updates. The hilt: Odin's Wrath V2 (2020) is an all T6...
  3. Sybernettik

    Someone who can machine acrylic needed!

    Hi there! I am working on a prop which requires a machined acrylic rod, which I have posted a technical image of here. I am based in the UK but I do not mind where you are based as long as I can get this part machined. I would ideally like 50 of these, and I am happy to pay whatever price is...