1. Product Shot - M41A

    Product Shot - M41A

  2. Seananigans

    M41A Pulse Rifle Cast Pewter Parts.

    My metal Airsoft Thompson receiver conversion into a ‘functional’ replica for my Aliens Pulse Rifle build. The receiver is a CYMA with the internal parts removed and a little dremel work, the bolt is aluminium and cast pewter, I’m slowly working my way through the 3d printed resin parts and...
  3. Seananigans

    M41A Pulse Rifle 3d print.

    Having hardly any experience with cad design software I hit my first hurdle so i decided on the basic Tinkercad and all the PR files from the interwebs I could lay my hands on. Anyways I managed to print a rough Spas cage/Remington 870 prototype/mock-up with working 'pump' and I'm just printing...