luke esb

  1. Rexermus

    Luke Hoth ESB DL-44 Help

    Hey y'all, Doing some research for a future cosplay/prop build and I was wondering if anyone had any info on the greeblies and mods done to the Mauser prop Mark Hamill wore and used for his scenes on Hoth. I found an old thread that claims the Hero prop Mark used for Hoth was the same Harrison...
  2. Xrad

    Who makes the best Luke bespin outfit

    Who makes the best and most accurate Luke bespin outfit
  3. Xrad

    What happened to the clamp screw on the bespin hilt

    What happened to the bespin graflex hilts clamp screw did it corrode black or is it missing
  4. Xrad

    Looking for what circuit board the Luke esb clamp card came from

    Hey I’m trying to make a all vintage esb graflex and was wondering what circuit board the clamp card came from