1. gpalkaline

    LOST- Charlie Pace acoustic guitar Stickers

    Hi All, I would like to try to replicate Charlie pace guitar from LOST TV series, but I cannot find any information about make/model, but most importantly stickers which are on the guitar. I have tried to find something similar in google images but it is just impossible. Is there any chance that...
  2. FabiKurz

    Swan Station Failsafe Key

    Hi everybody! Here is the Swan Station Failsafe Key (From "Lost") that I carved on epoxy putty. Regards, FabiKurz.
  3. Z

    Lost Dharma Jumpsuits

    Hi guys and girls i recently made 2 jumpsuits for me and a friend for comic con from the tv show lost. I'd say these are some of the cheapest but most accurate costumes i've ever made. Thought you might like to check them out since i generally post my cosplay work on the rpf. One is sawyers jim...
  4. M

    LOST: Oceanic Airlines Boeing 777

    RPF, I'm a fairly new member here, aside from commenting on a few Falcon threads here and there, I haven't really done a whole lot. To briefly introduce myself, I'm Master Tej, although people also call me Tej and Nick, my actual name. I'm into LOST, Star Wars, James Bond, Indiana Jones, and...
  5. L

    Halloween: LOST (Lapidus)

    Long-time readers in the audience will be unsurprised I tried to do a Lapidus impression for Halloween. Way back in Season Four when my pal Tattoo Mike first said "Lapidus is the Larry Young of the team," I still gravitated to the cool guy with the quip who was of the story but not in it, you...
  6. ewige

    Lost Virgin Mary statue build thread (image heavy)

    So since I had very little luck finding details on casting plaster on here before I started this project, i figured I'd post here some of the stuff I learned while attacking this thing. First of all, I decided that since I was going to be casting these in plaster. I knew that there were a...
  7. ewige

    Casting plaster figurines

    So I'm hoping to start doing some casting of plaster figurines soon, but this will be my first venture into any sort of molding/casting in like 20 years, and my first ever adventure with plaster casting at all, so... What is the preferred method for molding and casting plaster figurines (say...
  8. T


    I was browsing here a few months ago and came across a thread where a member had links to various places to buy items that were shown in LOST. They are not official props, just other items you can buy that were also seen in the show (such as Kate's airplane being an actual toy.) Unfortunately...
  9. Guri

    LOST - was like a messy kids room

    While trying to articulate to someone how I could love the show so much now, even though I was so stressed in the middle of the series, I came up with an analogy that I think fits my experience pretty well. So here's my analysis of my emotional reaction to LOST. Lost Season 1 and 2 is like...
  10. Guri

    LOST: The Statue Jacob lived in

    I'm at it again - making another Lost prop. Here's a bit of work I did just trying to get the general proportions right: It still needs more slenderizing before I get too much on the details. Here is the slew of reference photos I've collected from various friends I've told about this...
  11. T

    Lost: The auction 2 accouncement

    Very exciting news: LOST THE AUCTION 2: OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! | the propstop's world of entertainment memorabilia
  12. M

    LOST auctions : profiles in History defends about criticisms

    hi everyone, for days now, some journalists are writing profiles in history was about to sell not matching sreen used props from ABC's Lost. We have contacted them to get their answer to those attacks : "This is an ABC sponsored auction. All lots were production-made and come with a...
  13. T

    Lost auction group buys

    If there is anyone interested in specific group buys of items we are looking for extra buyers for some of the lots. Please contact us direct if only to start a communication. Time is short. If nothing else it would be nice to know who else is interested in the event.
  14. Guri

    Lost Auction - Did anyone here get anything?

    Lost The Auction - Profiles in History Directors chairs, Dharma beer cans, the airplane door, costumes.... Aarons crib... Lots of Lost. ****** Edit here's the twitter to how much things are going for: TheODI (TheODI) on Twitter And a link to a video of the auction room with...
  15. E

    An Apple II used in LOST series

    Today, watching the episode 2x02 of LOST (Adrift) I noticed that the computer being used by Desmond into his underground computer room it's an Apple II. I don't know if it is an Apple II Plus, II or IIGS, because the Apple logo (that has a different position in each of this models) was hided by...
  16. alienscollection.com

    LOST prop gallery