lost in space

  1. phase pistol

    Lost in Space 1965 First Season Laser Gun replica, made from Remco toy, lights, sounds

    Lost in Space 1965 First Season Laser Gun replica, made from Remco toy, lights, sounds This unique replica was designed by me and built by SDStudios in 2018. A one-of-a-kind, modified 1960s Remco cap gun pistol of the same type that was used on the show. When the trigger is pulled, an Arduino...
  2. LimeyBuilds

    Lost in Space (1998) Don West Pistol/Rifle 3D Print model

    I made these print files for the Assembling rifle fromt he 1998 movie. There's 2 versions of the pistol from different scenes, the rifle, and the transforming pistol/rifle. I hope to start printing the transforming one by the end of the week. I also made sections that can be either the version...
  3. R

    Lost in Space 2018 Netflix wardrobe help?

    Hi, I'm having a tough time trying to recreate the costumes from the Lost in Space 2018 Netflix. I'm hoping that someone can identify their parka/winter coat, if it's a retail item or a custom item. Same goes for their pants and belt/hardware. For something more challenging, I'm...
  4. phase pistol


    Hi folks! Looking to buy one of these Remco cap pistols from the early 1960s, which is the basis for the Lost in Space laser gun from the first season. Remco sold these under several brands: Hamilton's Invaders, Monkey Division Okinawa Pistol, and Star Trek Grenade gun. Same exact molds...
  5. MARK M3

    1/24 Moebius Space Pod build/Diorama

    Here is my 1/24 Moebius Lost in Space Pod. I have the radar rotating, front search lights, rear search lights, Rotating fusion core Photoetch from Paragrafx and some other scratch built details I can't recall right now.
  6. CJP

    Replica Lost in Space Chariot

    Here's a hell of a replica prop: A fully functional life size Chariot! I'm really proud to be a member of the build team. I had a great time this past weekend at Chiller in New Jersey. Although the Lost in Space Chariot recreation has made a couple of other appearances, this one was really...
  7. R

    Want to Buy Trylon Productions Oribital shuttle/Orbitcraft (I.E: Spindrift )

    Looking for Trylon Productions Spindrift passenger cabin and cockpit detail set for the PL /Aurora kits. Any reasonable offer accepted. If you can help, please contact me.
  8. D

    "B9 Begins...." (1960's Lost in Space robot)

    Greetings All ! I thought I'd start a build thread for this year's Halloween costume. And this year, I may have bitten-off more than I can chew...in a single year: Of course, immediately after LAST Halloween, my friends (and wife) started asking: What are you going to do next? Well, last...
  9. K

    Polar Lights Lost in Space Jupiter 2 lighting kits?

    I just won an auction on eBay for the Polar Lights Silver Chrome Jupiter 2 (1 of 5000). It cost me $41.00, which I thought was a pretty good compared to some of the prices I have seen. Anyway, I believe there are lighting kits available as well for this model and there appear to be a couple of...
  10. DanY

    Moebius Deluxe Jupiter 2 Replica

    Just got an email from Steve at CultTVMan.com that the metal Moebius deluxe Jupiter 2's have cleared customs in the US and should be shipping from the Moebius warehouse on Thursday. I'm really looking forward to this replica. Metal hull, interior lighting and 3 speed fusion core. We'll see...
  11. Chrisisall

    I finally had to make a Jupiter 2 to satisfy my inner 10 year old!

    So, since I like the exterior more than the interior as a modeling project, I picked a Polar Lights one (cheaper, smaller, more challenging). I plan to make a new console, new chairs, some pilots, better elevator grids, & such. Whatever looks good as viewed through the windows. I have NO plans...
  12. Chrisisall

    My Son's very first model lighting success!

    My Son took a Johnny Lightning J2, unscrewed it, removed the landing legs & put duct tape in the openings so it's in flight mode, then stuck a tiny key light into it, and get this: pressing the power core turns it on & off!!! All I did was consult. I can't believe it! (He's 12) Proud Papa
  13. Chrisisall

    Touching up my Masudaya LIS Robot...

    I made this model in 1994, and only addressed the atrocious claws as an issue, the rest was basically out of the box. Now I find that I feel the need to put a little more work into him. This is how he was: Then I closed the hole that was used for the inept voice box that it came with...
  14. Chrisisall

    Johnny Lightning Jupiter 2 project

    Does anyone here have a Johnny Lightning Jupiter 2? I was on Ebay last night & saw one in the last few minutes of an auction for $5, so I jumped on it. But my real question is: is it a solid plastic or metal piece? I'd like to throw a micro-interior & led into it, but that might be a problem if...
  15. P

    Icons Lost in Space Robot

    I was one of the eleven people lucky enough to actully recieve the Lost In Space robot replica from Icons. I would like to insure it, but I have no idea of its actual value. I would greatly appreciate any tips or info regardig its worth or how I would go about getting it appraised. Thanks.
  16. Aquaman

    Lost in Space season 3

    Has anyone ever done these. Wanting to do both The John Robinson and June Lockhart.
  17. Robot

    Authentic Screen used Lost in Space pistol?

    Does anyone know what the value of an authentic Lost in Space pistol would be? I know of one that is for sale, is it possible that one would be for sale and legitimate?
  18. J

    Jupiter 2 unsold, Original Flying Sub gets $1, 375

    A page from Starlog. Funny how small the market was back then. That Jupiter looks weird
  19. agliarept

    Lost in Space movie robot

    Hey guys, im a huge fan of the Lost in Space movie, although i know a lot of people wished it was never made lol, but one thing i really love about the film is the design and use of the on screen robot that was created for the film. Does anyone have any behind the scenes pics or information...