lord of the rings

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  1. MSheridan

    Making Bard's Coat (on the cheap)

    Hello folks! This is my first post on the RPF, and I haven't actually taken the time yet to properly introduce myself. I've been a long-time lurker, but never had the courage to actually sign up until now (this place is seriously dangerous for me, both to my wallet and my free time, haha)...
  2. Indy Magnoli

    Unlimited Run Smaug Horde Coins (Cast from Original) from The Hobbit

    I managed to get three original prop coins from the set of The Hobbit used as part of Smaug's treasure horde. These originals were then molded, spin cast in a zinc alloy, and gold plated. They look and feel better than the prop coins (which seem to be some sort of very light weight metal with a...
  3. Astrokid248

    Rivendell Elf-inspired Dresses for Ren Fest

    Exactly what is says on the tin. 3 dresses, inspired by Tolkien's elves as interpreted on the screen by Peter Jackson and WETA, specifically the elves of Rivendell, that will be worn at this year's Texas Renaissance Festival. I'm having to take a massive break from Link and those props because...
  4. smoothrat

    Saruman - LOTR / Hobbit

    A few pictures of the Saruman costume I put together for DragonCon. I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out, and judging by the number of photos I posed for it was a hit. :)
  5. Novashadow

    Witchking of angmar costume and props

    Hi mi name is Daniel, i'm from colombia and i'm "new" to the prop making thingy (i'm been doing props for the past three years but i make them out of my knowledge, im studying industrial design so my props are getting better i think and i'm using new techniques to make props) so i wanted to show...
  6. N

    The Hobbit | The Arkenstone

    Hi! I have been thinking to buy this Arkenstone from The Hobbit (the first three pictures below), but I'm not quite sure yet. I mean, since you cannot see it that well in the movie, I'm not sure if this is screen accurate. According to the book it satisfies me, but what about the movie? And does...
  7. N

    Thorin Oakenshield Dwarven Sword

    Hello! :) I just wanted to know if anyone here has bought this sword from Noble Collection. Interested in knowing your opinion, reviews, maybe your pictures of it :thumbsup :) Thank you!
  8. indiefilmgeek

    WIP: Thrain's Dwarven War Hammer (from Hobbit) - More handle work

    As we continue to work on the Steampunk Ironman helmet I decided to do a little work on Thrain's war hammer. I was very inspired when I saw Thrain's costume and weapon design in the Hobbit art book, and I honestly think this might end up being a costume I'd build for myself (which would be...
  9. S

    Frodo costume help!

    Hey everyone I am looking to create a cost effective frodo baggins costume that will be screen accurate. If anyone has any ideas please post them to this thread. Step by step what'll throughs of how some of you made the clothing pieces would be much appreciated!:)
  10. savmagoett

    My Witch King Cosplay WIP

    I recently begun the work on a costume I wanted to do for a long time, the Witch King of Angmar (From Peter Jackson's Return Of The King). Here is the making of the helm, it took me 2 weeks designing and making it (working on evenings and week ends). Note that the rest of the costume progress, a...
  11. F

    Witch King (Lord of the Rings) build.

    Hey there! I just wanted to share with you something I am building for the Venice Carnival this year :) So last year I was a Sith Lord with this robe (lightsaber battles in the middle of the main plaza were awesome) But this year I wanted to do something different, so why not use the...
  12. L

    Witch King - L.O.T.R

    Witch King build: I Built this Costume for halloween this year (2012) I have wanted to do this build for quite some time and I thought that if I don't do it now, I will never get the chance to. The base of the Helm I made from cardboard. I made my own pattern, I cut all the Pieces out and...
  13. Indy Magnoli

    New Red Book of Westmarch Video!

    Two years ago I posted a fairly low resolution video of my Red Book of Westmarch prop replica on YouTube. Well... I've finally bought myself a decent video camera so decided to take a new video, showing almost every single page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3fsHqtVft8 So, please "like"...
  14. Leatherworker

    LOTR Aragorn belt and accessories

    Hi, I tried to gather some information about the belt of Aragorn (Lord of the rings part 1, 2) in order to build a 100% screen accurate replica. I was encouraged to open a new thread about this topic - so here it is. In the picture you find my current version I use with my united cutlery...
  15. R

    Full size orc muzzle helmet LOTR

    This is my current wip, an approximately full size version of the orc cage/orc muzzle helmet. I started out in cardboard, didn't get where I wanted, ended up scrapping it and moving to insulation foam, bondo, and sculpey. I think I am at the point that I want to make a cast, but not sure if...
  16. daydalus1

    My movie / collection room

    Hello everyone i'm new to the forum but wanted to show my small theater room. Please excuse the poor video quality and my shaky hands. I also apologize for all the glare on the display cases. Thanks for looking. VID00020 - YouTube
  17. bschossler

    Sauron Costume

    Okay I have worked on this idea for a long time now and I just can not find a way to get my hands on a Sauron costume. I dont even know where to begin with building one. Any suggestions as to buying one or building one ?
  18. T

    Uruk-hai WIP

    Hello everyone, I am a completely new to this site not even a lurker for several years however I thought it best to join to share pictures and accounts of my new project. I will be making an Uruk-hai mask and a full suit of swordsmen armour to complete it to be worn by myself. Not aiming for...
  19. Wraith 5

    2nd age Gondorian Shield build

    Hey there, long time lurker, I thought it was about time to start contributing. Been meaning to start one of these ever since seeing the United Cutlery version awhile back. With the hype building around the new Hobbit film and getting myself moved into a new house (with plenty of free...
  20. Arwyniel

    Mithril shirt from LOTR

    Hi there, I've decided it's about time to share my latest "prop". I purchased this from a very talented person around New Years and received it in March. So much research and care went into recreating this piece. It's made of #150 chain maille and weighs around 4 pounds. It is "hobbit...
  21. Nibenon

    Lord of the rings ext. Editions in theaters!!!

    Typically I wait for the DVD release of any movie... But this sounds AWESOME. Anyone else going in full costume? LOTR nerds FTW :ninja
  22. E

    Witch King of Angmar

    I thought I would share my progress on a Witch King armor build Im working on. Im making this out of 22ga steel. Check it out and as always, suggestions and advice are always welcome. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, Im happy to be of service. Thank you
  23. scottstoybox

    1:1 scale Ian McKellen Gandalf COMPLETED! Pics Page 3

    Hey friends! Just wanted to post a quick teaser of my newest WIP. Similar to last life-sized bust, I'm finishing him as Sir Ian first then adding the prosthetics to the bust before molding. Hope you all enjoy! More pics coming soon! Sorry the pics are fuzzy... They...
  24. J

    Markings on United Cutlery/Noble Collection LOTR Swords

    I'm looking to buy a Glamdring from a local individual, however they do not know who is the manufacturer of the sword. I really want to avoid getting a cheap knock off and was hoping that there was some way to tell if a sword was made by United Cutlery or The Noble Collection(the only two...
  25. E

    WIP: LOTR Witch King w/ Flail

    Well, I can pretty much guarantee this will not be done in time for Halloween this year, Will most likely be staying as a scarecrow like last year. The Ren Fair next year is my ultimate goal. After studying many different ways to do things, I have decided to tackle this feat, and hopefully turn...

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