lord of the rings

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  1. C

    Sword of Fili build, the Hobbit.

    Thought I'd share this build with all you superb craftsman out there as a small contribution in return for all the amazing information you lot post for us all. My daughter wanted a Fili sword for cosplay purposes and I had a look at the one available to purchase. Apart from the fact that...
  2. cadu1990

    Sauron Armor, Foam (WIP)

    Hey guys. I've decided to start a project I wanted since I was 12 years old. Full Sauron Armor. It'll be all free handed. So far I've made the helmet and the gauntlets. I'm already working on the templates for the vambraces. Here's the pictures I have so far.
  3. T

    LOTR Orc Sculpt WIP

    I began Sculpting a bust/mask Of a Lotr style orc. He is not a typical brutish orc, but rather slender and plotting. like an assassin type character that would have appeared in the desolation of Smaug during the Lake town Fight. This is also my first time sculpt so please don't bash my brains...
  4. cadu1990

    Painting Sauron Armor Help

    Hello guys. I'm making a Sauron armor, using foam. The helmet and gloves are already done and I'm working on the forearms. However, my painting skills are veeery low, so I'm having trouble finding the finish I want. Could you guys help me with that? This is the look I want, remembering, I...
  5. I

    The Hobbit: Black Arrow replica

    Having a REALLY hard time finding ANYTHING on black arrow specs. If anyone has made any i certainly cant find it. Here are some super quick and dirty screenshots to get the ball rolling. As far as i can tell it looks entirely steel made save the fletching. Any input would be appreciated
  6. L

    *help needed* Witch King of Angmar's Ring

    I've recently been looking into making a replica of the Witch King's ring of power gifted to him by Sauron in the second age of middle earth. The reference material I've found online is okay but not detailed enough to satisfy what I'm looking for. Im also trying to figure out the best way to...
  7. D

    A Dwarf of Yore, A Grim Hammer of Erebor

    First, credit where credit is due; Gibbtall for starting his project, and inspiring us all. http://www.therpf.com/f24/hobbit-erebor-dwarf-armour-weapons-wip-178613/ Second is to all the others who have followed in his footsteps...
  8. BlindSquirrel

    Lord of the Rings Rohirrim War Axe

    I keep forgetting to post this project. The axe head is cold cast aluminum but the master was made from MDF with laser cut side detail and a 3d printed horse on the back. More details and WIP pics can be seen HERE
  9. T

    Gauntlet template loosly based on Sauron

    I looked everywhere for templates for midevil style gauntlets, most of which I had to pay for. So I made my own and I wanted to share with the world. My hand fits in a large glove. This is based on a relatively form fitted glove So here it is, hope it works out well. p.s. (sorry, i know some...
  10. B

    Aragorn build (Helm's Deep battle gear stuff, WIP)

    Hi there. New member but have been lurking for several months. Figured I'd start a build thread, hoping that it will keep me accountable and motivate me to finishing all this before I need to have it finished. Brief personal background: Semi-veteran "cosplayer" (since 2010), gradually have...
  11. S

    Sauron helmet pep??

    Ok so i'm having a few issues with this and wondering has anyone here made it before.. Im pretty new to peping but i've got the hang of it. Already made a few bits and pieces, but in the particular PDO file i have for the sauron helmet (most likely the same one other people have used) there's...
  12. Indy Magnoli

    Limited Run Eomer's Sword GUTHWINE replica: carbon steel, brass and leather MAGNOLI

    UPDATE: We are now accepting Pre-Orders on our site: Guthwine Sword by Magnoli Props First come, first served as we'll only be doing a limited number of these and the interest list has grown quite large. These are due to ship in mid to late March. ----------------------------------------...
  13. K

    Thranduil Costume Build

    Hi guys, been aware of this site for some time now and occasionally check out threads for details of bits and pieces but now that I've actually signed up I thought I might document my upgrades to my Thranduil cosplay! This was my older version of the costume made mostly before the first movie...
  14. glassfox

    Arwen LoTR costume

    So, for this year i set myself the task for finally cosplaying one of my favourite characters from my all time favourite movies/book. The convention i want to wear it to, is London Film and Comic Con in July. Due to time and money, i'm not sure which dress i will be able to do. I want ultimately...
  15. E

    Sauron WIP

    After watching The Hobbit I decided on my next project. I would love to finish the whole set of armor but I'm lazy and lose interest pretty quick so we'll see how far I get. Peped the helmet ( a pain by the way ) started making some templates for the gauntlets and a generic hand mold for...
  16. bh1138

    MR Sting Questions

    Hey everybody, I just had a quick question about the light up Sting replicas from Master Replicas and the Noble Collection. Have any of you opened up the blade or seen the interior of one? If so, how is it set up? I understand the blade itself is polycarbonate with a metallic paint-job/coating...
  17. G

    Nazgul costume (WIP) *TEXT HEAVY in places*

    So after a recent LOTR marathon, I realised that the Ringwraiths are seriously badass. Therefore, the only path open to me was to make a costume. There is quite a high chance that I will make a Witch King of Angmar costume, but since his armour is very very complicated, I figured I'd start...
  18. E

    Thorin AND Thranduil, in only 1 month. Yikes.

    Hey all... Figure I should start a post here, given that I've only bothered to post once since signing up (but love lurking and seeing everyone else's stuff!) 3 weeks ago, I decided that I'd dress my husband up as "Thranduil" for the premiere of The Hobbit: DoS. I'm just getting back into...
  19. Nasa

    Orthanc of Isengard

    Hi everyone, thought I should post another model I completed. A fan of all tings Tolkien, I tried to replicate the tower of Isengard as it appeared in the films. Standing at 2 meters tall, I used a variety of materials such as MDF, balsa and plaster. It was featured in the local paper which was...
  20. W

    Sauron Armour WIP

    First thread, first project, i'm crazy right? I'm doing what i'm calling the "skill set challenge" where you take on a fairly difficult project that has very little to do with your current skill set (hence the name). As you can see i'm doing the dark lord Sauron, ambitious I know, but as they...
  21. S

    Witch King of Angmar- First major build! (pic heavy)

    Hello everyone! :) As a long time lurker here I have benefited immensely from the knowledge these forums contain and I wanted to give some back. It was about a year ago after attending my second con that the idea popped into my head to do a Witch King build. I started looking into how/if it...
  22. T

    Lord of the Rings Gondor breastplate

    Hello everyone, So I'm pretty new here, this being my first thread. I'm also relatively new to making props but I thought I'd give me best shot at making the Gondor breastplate from LOTR. These pictures were taken during each step of the process. It clearly can be a lot better but practice makes...
  23. J

    Noble Collection Thorin's Dwarven Sword--pics and review

    Well, after hearing that neither United Cutlery or Weta had plans to release a version of "Deathless" in steel or urethane, I decided it was time to take the plunge and order Noble's version. I couldn't find any user pics or info at all, so hopefully this will be useful for some of you...
  24. Indy Magnoli

    Wizard Robes by Magnoli Clothiers

    Something a little different from Magnoli Clothiers: We based these on the robes worn by Gandalf the Grey, but made them in a natural white by request of one of our customers. We made the inner robes, the outer cloak and hood and long belt. Since these are all natural materials, they can be...

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