lord of the rings

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  1. M

    The Hobbit: Legolas

    I was just wondering if anybody had bought the Legolas bracers from Weta? Failing that if anyone has an image of the embossed design laid out flat I would be greatly appreciative as I'm hoping to make my own pair, I'm sure I've seent he design on a plaque relating to Legolas but I'm struggling...
  2. SciFiPropFreak

    1:1 gigantic, animatronic Mirkwood Spider

    Some of you creature fans might like this... Last weekend was HobbitCon3 in Bonn, Germany. As a colaborative project from multiple groups, we realized a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit themes Haunted House attraction. This was one of my creations for this project (mostly I was responsible for...
  3. M

    eowyn's refugee dress

    im planning on making eowyn's dress from two towers. the refugee dress is the simple blue dress with a brown jumper over it. what pattern would i use to make it and where could i find the fabric to make the under dress. thank you.
  4. madchippy6

    Want to Buy moria orc shield and sword or battle axe

    Hi there, im looking for a moria orc shield and sword or battle axe. Will need it posting to the united kingdom. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. MandOwen

    Want to Buy LOTR Witch king/ Ring Wraith armor

    Title says it all amigos! Looking for either a set of wraith armor or witch king armor and helmet. If you have something, or can make something, lemme know! Cheers
  6. Evelius

    Shadow of Mordor Sauron references

    So There's almost no clear pictures of the game's version of Sauron, even though he looks awesome. I thought we should start collecting the better ones here, so if someone wants to embark on making a costume replica of it, they know where to start. The big problem is, there's almost no...
  7. SciFiPropFreak

    Limited Run Nazgul Gauntlets - comfortable for long convention-days

    Hey guys, I'm on a QUEST! I have been building stuff my entire life and for the last couple of years really gotten into prop-making. Same as many of you, I'm into SciFi- and Fantasy movies, not least the Lord of the Rings - Trilogy. At different occasions I had the chance to meet some of the...
  8. Mithril Designs

    TheOneRing.net OneLast Party Friday is the last day to buy tickets

    TheOneRing.net The One Last Party has fully funded (and more)! It's going to happen, and it's going to be awesome. It will be at the Hollywood Legion Hall on Saturday 21st Feb 2015 – the day BEFORE the Oscars. Today (Friday, January 16) is the absolutely last day you can get tickets. After...
  9. BlindSquirrel

    The Lord of the Rings Helm of King Theoden

    Hey everybody! Last March I sat down and started my build of my favorite helmet from the trilogy. I knew it was going to be a long, complicated build so I used it as a background project that would be worked on when I was waiting for glue or paint to dry. Here's the short story: I started...
  10. T

    Want to Buy Lothlorien Bow

    In search of a Lothlorien bow. Either the licensed one or a hand made one. If hand made I would like to see pics. Also if someone knows where to get one that would also be helpful.
  11. A

    The Hobbit- Dwarven stone carving build

    Going to start work on a replica of the carving above the hidden door in Erebor seen in the 2nd Hobbit film. It will be 2 feet x 4 feet made of hard coated polystyrene. Screen grabs from the movie. Enlarged, lightened version with rulers for template:
  12. A

    Kili's Runestone- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

    Hi all, I was watching the extended cut of the movie a few nights ago when my wife mentioned that she would love to have a replica of Killi's Runestone. It's mentioned in one scene when he and Tauriel are flirting after he is captured. The trailer for the movie shows the stone having...
  13. jabberwalkin

    Want to Buy Weta Hobbit ears

    Looking to purchase any official Weta Frodo or Sam hobbit ears
  14. SirRamenNoodle

    So Fine a Gift - Smithing Hammer of Celebrimbor

    So Fine a Gift – Smithing hammer of Celebrimbor So my household has been playing Shadow of Mordor almost religiously since it came out. Each of us are doing a play through and we enjoy watching each other play. We also very much enjoy the Books, the Movies, the Lore, the Artwork, costumes and...
  15. J

    Want to Buy UC Witchking Helm LOTR

    This is my grail. If anyone has a Witchking helm by United Cutlery in good condition please contact me!
  16. A

    Turning awful eBay costume into something decent.

    I'm a bit stuck as to what to go as for works Halloween this year, I've had an idea of using an awful eBay costume and trying to turn it into something decent. I was looking at this Aragorn costume, I know it looks terrible but could I alter it into something decent? Things like the boots I've...
  17. L

    Nazgul armor lord of the rings

    Hello everyone! Lawshauefx here. I am going to build Nazgul armor from the lord of the rings. It's going to be for Halloween and for next year comic con. This is what it looks like. I will get started making the templates tonight, there will be updates either late tonight or tomorrow afternoon...
  18. Juakie

    Witch-king of Angmar

    Materials cost me 100 $ head made of resin ( Pepakura file ), the rest elements of armor made ​​of steel1-3mm . I made it to the Krakon 2013 Poland
  19. S

    Sci Fi and Fantasy Event in Portsmouth in September!!

    Hi All, How are you? I recently posted on the FB page, but thought I would post here as well. I am co-organising and event at Action Stations in the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth UK, and we are looking for costumers, prop people, people with scale replicas of vessels to help us with an...
  20. Matt Kaz

    The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: Iron Hills Dwarven Armour and weaponry.

    So I have just finished my Moria Battle Dwarven Helmet (which I stuck in the wrong thread) link is here: http://www.therpf.com/f9/moria-battle-dwarven-helmet-iron-hills-dwarven-helmet-219032/ I had some more free time, so wondered why I hadn't seen anyone make a replica of one of the Iron...
  21. D

    The Lord of the Ring - Witch King helmet, by Darkpixelstrom

    Hello, We want to share with you the result of the work week. It is our own interpretation of the helmet with LOTR'a. i hope you enjoy, and see you in next project. More photos on darkpixelstorm on deviantART
  22. NateSpace

    The Lord of the Rings: Sauron's Mace!

    Thought i would show the Mace i made for my Sauron costume! I made the handle on my lathe and the blades are made from Foam Board/Presentation board. For painting i just undercoated it in black acrylic paint and dry brushed white over it! (the detailing along the shaft was done with a glue gun)
  23. NateSpace

    Sauron Armour WIP

    Hello! This is my first thread on here so hey! =D Ok so i am currently working on making Sauron's Armour and i am coming up to the bits that i have been dreading which are the hands... If anyone could share a template or even a pep file i would be grateful because they are such a pain. Here...
  24. B

    Gondor Tower Guard

    Hi all! This is my first post here on therpf. This will be my second costume I'm trying to make but the first one I'm going to keep progress on. First of all english is not my first language so there might be small errors in my language here and there. But to the point, I want to make a Tower...
  25. spacemarine

    Want to Buy Fabric Hauberk with Coif

    Hi all, I am looking for someone to make a fabric long sleeve hauberk that goes to a V shape at the bottom back and front and a matching coif. The hauberk is part of the 2nd age high elven warrior costume from the Lord of the Ring Prologue. The hauberk and coif look to be made of a black...

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