logans run

  1. mgoob

    Logan's Run Follower

    Open to Serious Offers This would be a fabulous companion to your Deep Sleep Flamegun! Resin kit. Two red, momentary open switches. Graphic printed on white paper. Screws to hold back on. As shown, the back should be replaced w/ a piece of styrene as it is too short. There is material in the...
  2. Aldo The Apache

    who makes a good Logan’s Run flame pistol?

    I’ve been looking for a Decent Logan’s Run flame gun. I’ve seen that Nicksdad has made a kit in the past, and that Rylo made wonderful stands. But other then that what other accurate options are there. I’ve just stumbled on to this website. (Deep Sleep Armory) Their flame guns have electronics...
  3. M

    Logan's Run Life Clocks

    Dug these up from the vaults. I got these from people that worked on the film. Four of the five are Production Made and possibly used. But how could you ever really confirm that. They all have spirit gum on the back and they came from people in the movie. I made the black one from a...