little shop of horrors

  1. JordanC

    Little Shop Of Horrors - Special Gas Mask

    Hello there! I am props designing For Little Shop of Horrors at a local community theatre, this is my first time designing without a mentor and saying I’m excited is an understatement !! I'm new here but I wanted to document how me & my bf made our tank & mask bc ShawnHallDesign gave a lot of...
  2. narrativecurios

    Baby Audrey II (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Animatronics)

    Hey everyone! I'm Nicole -- a fairly new member. A few months ago I posted my first project as I get back into making -- a replica of the squawk box from Apollo 13. Back in October I was at an antique fair and found the screen-accurate Maxwell House tin from Little Shop of Horrors. Instantly...
  3. Stuman

    Audrey 2 WIP Sculpture

    Hi all, I am a long time member of this forum, but have inactive for a very long time. This is my first thread and would like to hsare a WIP of Audrey 2 from The Little Shop of Horrors. It is nearing completion then will be up for sale. Here are the photos of where it is at. I don't have the...
  4. elvismay

    Audrey 2 - Little Shop of Horrors - Replica

    I had the head (based on detailed photos of the original head mold from the film) , neck, and three leaves sculpted and base painted from an artist in the Netherlands. I did detail painting, added the various leaves and petals, original maxwell house can, and mixed a hardening craft soil out of...
  5. jess the pirate

    Interest Audrey 2, little shop of horrors (maxwell house tin version) LIST OPEN FOR DEPOSITS

    As I am midway through a maxwell house tin build of the Audrey plant, I thought I'd test the waters to see if it would be worth making a small run of the plant parts and also a replica maxwell house tin. I'm thinking as a rough guide (give or take 15 quid depending on how long it takes to build...
  6. B

    Audrey II Costume Base Advice

    Hi I am currently in the blueprint aspect of my Audrey II model which I want to harness to myself for the upcoming NYCC in october. (I will be dressed as Seymour). This being so I am faced with a few challenges on how to make Audrey: - I am a poor college student - AudII needs to be lightweight...
  7. J

    Audrey II

    I thought it would be fun to make an Audrey II decoration to lurk around the house (it was originally intended for Halloween, but things got busy and I put it off for a while). Here are some photos of the progress. The main pieces are made out of foam. I figured it would be easy to shape, and I...
  8. H

    Animatronic Audrey II - Little Shop of Horrors (WIP)

    Hello all! This is my first build. I haven't been working on it for very long, but I have a lot of plans thought out. I will show you what I have at the moment, just to give an idea of what I am planning, how it works, and where I will take it - although I am fairly set on restarting from...
  9. ShawnHallDesign

    Little Shop of Horrors Dentist Gas Mask

    Hey Folks, My RHPS shadowcast, Formal Dress Optional, is doing a production of Little Shop of Horrors next month and I will be playing Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. My big project for this is making the gas mask that Steve Martin wears. I found it interesting that through all my searching I could not...
  10. sweartoeric

    My smallish collection/ home office

    Hey guys, here are some pictures of my home office. I thought it would be a good idea to start cataloging my collection. I'm very much into finding cheaper items and improving on them, and much of my displayed collection falls into that category. I hope you enjoy! Spider-Man suit: "2nd Skin"...
  11. thegreatgalling

    Original Audrey II plant mould

    Prop Store - Ultimate Movie Collectables Wow, woke up to find this already sold. Hopefully someone will put some good use to it, HINT HINT!!!!:lol