1. Jake Kassnoff

    EVA Foam Kenobi Lightsaber

  2. retrogamer7200

    Want to Buy Canon Model X or Y body or clamp

    Hello. I am interested in purchasing a Canon Model X/Y full flash body or if you just have the clamp that's fine too. I have always liked how it looked, and want to add one to my collection. I am located in the US. Thank you for your consideration
  3. Jake Kassnoff

    Star Wars Visions Lightsaber

    This is my attempt to translate an animated lightsaber into real life:
  4. Jake Kassnoff

    Giant Lego Lightsaber

    Life sized lego lightsaber:
  5. Welsh Pirate

    Advice on separating balance pipes?

    I received a set of derwent balance pipes yesterday, and they came with coupler or collar connecting them and I can't seem to get them apart. Is there a trick or tool for this? Does it simply unscrew and is probably seized up?
  6. Saberz

    Introducing Project M (Maul saber)

    EDIT - Project M is now LIVE! Preorders at - official launch video is below. Thanks for all who have expressed interest! I've been obsessed with this saber for 20 years, and I'm finally ready to roll out the most accurate replica ever made. Ever. Yep, big words, and I...
  7. alecsanz

    Ezra Bridger's second lightsaber

    Hi members today I bring you this new lightsaber that I finished yesterday. More pics here: Ezra Bridger's second lightsaber